Ban CCP Land Ownership In The USA: A New Bill From Texas

I have considered China “buying” or “leasing” ports and such in the Occupied by the USA, Republic of Texas.

First, I do not like communism anymore than I like zionism or puritanism, no matter the brand or flavor.
I do not trust the red Chinese farther than I can piss on em.
They are however, the new world power or Empire.

America should never had been an Empire, but the USA under the queer atheist shyster railroad lawyer war criminal “puritan” yankee Lincoln killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union replacing it with a communist or marxist if you prefer, soviet styled Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a “constitutional republic.
That Military dictatorship became an Empire.
When Empires die they always take the country which is used to host them down the tubes with them.

The USA which is an empire, a Corporation, not a country, not a nation, will drag America into the shit pile with them when it dies.
USA screwed the pooch, trying to rule the world with Military Invasions, Economic blackmail and terrorism against weak countries.

Just as the time came when the cost of maintaining a huge occupation military and administration cost, the corruption which always comes with Empires killed the Roman Empire when the booty they could steal from the countries they occupied by military force no longer paid for the military and occupation administrations, the same is happing right now to the USA Military Dictatorship empire.

The Chinese are doing it smarter.
They are building their way to be the dominate world empire.
They go into countries, build them dams, power generation plants, rail roads on loaned from the CCP at usury interest, and when the countries can not pay off, they are taking possession of choice pieces of that country.

Make no mistake, might take a few generations, or a few hundred years, but the Chinese Empire will eat the Chinese home land as all empires do in the end.

I do not believe in expending energy best used somewhere else trying to stop that which has already happened.
China is the de-facto new world power and Empire, weather you like it or not, whether you will admit it or not.

I am a Texican.
The Republic of Texas is Occupied by the USA empire in a 155 year long and continuing war crime.

When the Occupied Republic of Texas gets her freedom, her sovereignty back, and she will, any and all land, ports, and such “leased” or “bought” by a foreign power will be null and void.
Tough shit to the one who gave money to the illegal occupier of the Occupied Republic of Texas.

Just as George Washington went to war for his country, Virginia, so did Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee go to war for their Country, Virginia.

The United States of America was not George Washington’s country, Washington DC, the United States of America was only a joint governing body of the thirteen original Countries in order for the individual thirteen Countries to better militarily and economically protect each other in a contract.

The Confederacy was not a country, but a joint effort, a central joint organization of the individual countries of which Virginia, and Texas were partners of in a contract.

Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson went to war for their country, Virginia.

Three of my great great grandfathers went to war for the Republic of Texas which was called a State of the Confederacy at the time, but was in fact understood to be the country, the Republic of Texas.

I am a Texican, the Occupied in a war crime for 155 years and counting Republic of Texas is my Country.
When she gets her sovereignty back, I will see to it any and all sells or leases to non Native Republic of Texas folks, companies or countries are Null and Void.

That is to say, when Texas gets her sovereignty back, if the Chinese have bribed the occupiers to take possession of Texas land, ports and such, they can chalk it up to tough shit for doing crooked business with a crooked occupier who had no real legal right to sell or lease said land or ports.

And go F##K themselves for doing crooked business with crooked Occupiers.

Which means any land or ports China holds in Texas will be Nationalized by the reemerging Republic of Texas.
Tuff shit for being dishonest communist F##Ks!

The Ole Texican Dog!

‘Ban CCP Land Ownership In The USA: A New Bill From Texas’

Don’t mess with Texas. Chip Roy, a Republican representative to Congress from the 21st District, including parts of Austin and San Antonio, is taking on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in a big, Texan, way. Chip proposes to ban CCP members from purchasing land in America. It’s a short, sweet, and brilliantly-cutting edge bill that should be voted into law ASAP.

This two-page bill has a potent engine of a single sentence: “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the President shall take such actions as may be necessary to prohibit the purchase of public or private real estate located in the United States by members of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Rep. Roy’s press release to accompany the bill pulls no punches. “In their quest for global domination, China has been buying up land and strategic infrastructure all over the world and in the United States,” it reads. “Direct Chinese investment in the U.S. economy is a major threat to the American way of life and requires that we take serious action to thwart the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from ever seizing control of strategically valuable domestic assets in the U.S.”

The bill is called the “Securing America’s Land from Foreign Interference Act.” According to Rep. Roy’s press release, “Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that foreign investors control nearly 30 million acres of U.S. farmland, roughly the size of Ohio. Texas has the second highest amount of foreign ownership with 3 million acres under foreign control.”

The press release notes that a China-based energy company bought over 130,000 acres in Texas, near an Air Force base, and “is now attempting to build a wind farm to access the U.S. power grid.”

Roy’s office notes that China is the second-largest foreign owner of land in Australia, including an Australian island that is now off-limits to Australian residents. China leased an airport in Australia for 100 years, and now “China owns the airspace and Australian citizens can’t land in their own country without approval from the Chinese government.”

Kyle Bass, the billionaire Texan who has long criticized the CCP, and shorted currencies from China and Hong Kong, supports the bill. He emailed, “The Communist Party of China exploits every nook and cranny of our open society to achieve their goal of primacy over the U.S. Allowing strategic purchases of land and improvements by CPC members here in the United States presents clear and present dangers to U.S. national security.”

Bass asked a series of tough questions related to the ownership of land by CCP members. “How many purchases have proximity to U.S. military bases? How many direct connections to the U.S. power grid do they already have control over? How many of these purchases are on farms where they are stealing valuable genetic seeds to ship back to the mainland? Why have we allowed a Chinese company to acquire one of the largest poultry producers in America?”

He appealed to the principle of reciprocity, supported by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) last November, with respect to land sales to CCP members. “China doesn’t allow former U.S. military officers to acquire 200 square miles of land between an active Chinese military base and their border with Taiwan…so why should the U.S. allow such strategic purchases by Chinese nationals?”


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