Getting vaccinated with any vaccine seems to be like playing Russian Roulette.

For any who are not familiar with the Russian roulette “game”, one takes a six shot revolver, loads only one round in the cylinder, spins the cylinder, palaces the business end of the barrel, the muzzle of the barrel against one’s head, pulls the rigger and either one blows their brains out or not, depending on if the live round was positioned to fire or not.

The theory is by getting vaccinated for a specific disease or virus, one has a much better chance, apparently not a fool proof chance, of not contacting said disease.

I am not a scientist, but I have a background of having taken microbiology under a virologist, and teaching Chemical, Biological, Radiological Defense in the military.

I personally have had to fight to stay alive as the USA used GIs for lab rats in the 1990s with an experimental “Anthrax vaccine which killed many, disabled many more.

My wife damn near died from taking the “Swine flu” vaccine the USA pushed in the 1970s

Our son is Autistic, and it is provable every time the USA forces parents to have their babies vaccinated with an increased number of Voodoo Vaccines given infants at birth, the number of Autism cases per a set number of births increases.
It is fact, among the Amish who have fought hard not to have their children vaccinated on religious grounds, Autism is almost non existent.

DC/USA keeps beating you over the head with, beating parents over the head with “Health Experts Say”, to force vaccines on Americans and their children.

Many of these “Health Experts” damn well know they are killing and disabling folks.

The line is that the risk are “out weighed” by the perceived “benefits.

With the “COVID-19” jabs, they are not vaccines, vaccines have dead viruses in them, “COVID-19” jabs do not, it is more like playing Russian Roulette with five live rounds in a six round cylinder

The injured and killed by the so called “COVID-19” jabs have already in about one year exceeded the numbers killed and disabled for all other Vaccine type jabs in the last twenty years.

If the people who have studied this extensively including many who have worked their lives in the field of virology are right, the deaths so far are the tip of the iceberg as it seems the “COVID-19” jab is a ticking time bomb.
Even if it don’t kill you right away or in the first few days, it does not mean it will not in the coming weeks or months.

There are some really batshit crazy evil people in the world who have publicly said for generations there are too many humans in the world and millions and billions need to be killed off.

They had planned to use World War 3 (WW 1 & WW 2 were both planned, did not just happen, and did not happen for the reasons humanity has been taught they started), to both kill off a huge number of humans, and get the humans left to accept a One World Unelected Communistic “government” run by the evil rich ass holes who cause most of humanities problems to begin with.


It would seem God did not allow them to have WW 3, so they punted with a fake pandemic, and the Voodoo “vaccine” for the “COVID-19” “virus” both the World Health Organization and the USA Center for Disease Control have admitted they do not have a “sample of”, is designed to kill off huge numbers of humans.

The fake pandemic which has seen a coordinated effort by most “governments” in the world, the same which are always about to start WW 3 fighting between themselves if one listens to the unadulterated shit of the Main Stream Media, and many of the “alternative” media sites which are owned and operated by the same evil ass holes who start the wars and farm humanity for perverse pleasure and profit, to force Communistic shit of humanity like “lockdowns”, a penal term, mandatory face mask which are easily proven will not stop a virus anyway, and mandatory Voodoo “COVID-19” “vaccines which are killing and disabling humans by the thousands, on Humanity.

You are being either forced or bullied, depending on where you live, to take a Voodoo “vaccine” which has a very high chance of killing or disabling you, to include death at a later date, for a “Virus”, “COVID-19” of which no one, not a single swinging dick or slimy cunt, can produce a sample of!

To make you accept this killer “vaccine”, you are being beaten over the head many times, every damn day with “THE HEALTH EXPERTS SAY”.

In December 1799, George Washington was out riding in bad weather, came down with a bad cold.
His wife Martha called in the “Health Experts”.
They drained damn near half his blood out when his body needed the white blood cells to fight the virus the most, made him throw up, medically induced diarrhea thereby dehydrating him, and he damn well died!

If he had just stayed warm, rested, eaten chicken soup and drank warm tea, he might very well have gotten well and had several more years of life.

Down the road twenty years or less, people looking back on all this vaccine hysteria, the “Health Experts” are forcing on humanity, will shake their heads in disgust and disbelief as a modern person looking at how the “health Experts murdered George Washington.

That the “Health Experts” were just ignorant charlatans, does not bring even one human killed with their voodoo practices back, or alleviate even one drop of grief by those who lost loved ones to the “Health Experts” insanity.

Many of these “Health Experts” are well meaning ignorant ass holes who have been indoctrinated with Voodoo “science”, but some of them have taken the thirty silver coins to help the evil ass holes kill off a huge number of humans.

The dumb asses who are what the evil ass holes call “Useful Fools” or “Useful Idiots”, you can not very well take them out and hang their asses, even with a fair common law trial, as they did not intentionally harm anyone.
They are just stupid, ignorant indoctrinated sheep who got themselves a college degree or a job in the “medical field”.

Maybe sentence them to clean toilets in public rest rooms or something of the kind for the rest of their lives, which may not be that long anyway if they took the “COVID-19” jab.

But the “Health Experts” who are knowingly assisting the evil asses in killing off huge numbers of humans, should after a fair Common law trial, be sentenced to either hang, or play Russian Roulette with six rounds in a six round cylinder revolver.

Use your own brains to think with.
If you have already taken the Jab, start a regiment of Vitamin D-3, C, and Liquid Minerals.
I don’t know if it will save you, but is sure will not harm you like the advice of the Dark Ages Voodoo “Health Experts”.

May God be with you.

The Ole Dog!

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