It Is Very Simple Humanity, Honor God and Be Good To Each Other

Humanity Likes their gods and their myths.
Humanity in their vanity does not want to except their place in the universe.
Just a primitive experimental species among countless intelligent lifeforms in many worlds.
Humanity wants to believe they are so special God made them, ONLY them as walking, talking beings who can think.
In fact in their arrogance humanity believes God could not be God with out his “very special children”, humans.

“Intelligent” beings?
Very confusing as most humans do not think, they follow the herd and whatever drivel their sheep herders feed them.
Humans accept the cover story they are fed without doing much of any research on their own.

Take atheist “Jews”.
“They have said in their heart, THERE IS NO GOD”.
Yet they maintain the belief they are better than other humans, BECAUSE GOD SAID SO!

Take the “Holy Bible”.
Zionist Zombie “Christians” SWARE it is “divinely” inspired, it is word for word the “True” word of God.

If it is their god is a homicidal maniac.
Psalm 137:9
Blessed will be one who seizes and dashes your children Against the rock.
But Remember, their “god” is a LOVING “god”.

Anyone who takes the time to research the subject discovers the “Holy Bible” was cobbled together in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea by the little children raping priest of the church of Rome.
Letters, writings were used which had been written two to three hundred years after Jesus the Christ was murdered by the Romans for trying to kick the Romans out of Judea’s.
The little children raping priest threw out what they did not like, rewrote the rest.

This is historic fact as well as Jesus was not cemented in as God until that council, as the debate raged between those who understood Jesus as a prophet of God, but not as God and those who wanted to make him God himself.

At the time of that council there were about 1,200 different sects of Christians, about 1,140 of which taught reincarnation.
It was decided humanity could be herded easier with a burning hell, a golden heaven, one life up or down.
This is historical fact and can be proven.

But the indoctrinated Zionist Zombies will froth at the mouth if facts are brought to bare which contradicts their indoctrination.

Intelligent enlightened persons understand no matter what name is applied to the One True Creator God, there is only ONE True Creator God.
All the lesser “gods” are God’s helpers, prophets and such which humanity has made gods as humans need their “gods”.

Jesus the Christ and Muhammad were both prophets, Sons of God who tried to help Humanity.
Neither one themselves claimed to be Gods.
Most humans which followed then never understood what they were really trying to explain to humanity.

God is the source of all life, light, love and energy in the Universe.
Honor God.
Be good to each other.
Strive to get rid of the things in your souls which separate you from a closer walk with God.

In both cases, their bodies were not even cold before folks were reinterpreting what they meant when they said this or that.
Those who wanted power, position started using their names and prestige to promote themselves, positioning themselves as the authority on what they meant.
Power hungry people made up things they said both said to support their own power base.

If one does not even understand what or who God is, they can not understand God’s plan.
God gives free will.

Only by owning one’s self, one’s own faults, one’s own evil, can one work to rid themselves of the things which separate humanity from God.
Only by humbling one’s self before God can one obtain understanding, Wisdom, Honor.

Through history some have tried to build a better world, bring freedom to humanity while trying to skip that step of understanding God, Humbling one’s self before God in order to obtain understanding, wisdom and Honor.

If a people have no Honor, which can ONLY be obtained by Continual Hard Work, Owning One’s self, Humbling themselves before God, then not only can a people not sustain freedom if gifted with freedom, but true freedom which means owning one’s self scares the sheep shit out of them.

If one is not willing to study, go down rabbit holes seeking truths, own one’s own faults, thereby understanding what to do to draw closer to God so they can obtain understanding and honor, true freedom is beyond even their understanding. Such an ignorant lazy people will run from true freedom even while saying they want freedom.

What a person wants who does not want to put in the hard work, own their own actions, is freedom to do whatever they want without consequences.

A human with honor who understands true freedom understands true freedom like a garden must be continually cared for, the weeds of evil and selfishness pulled up, freedom must be watered with truth, duty to God, Duty to one’s fellow mankind, and sometimes one’s own blood.

That is why Zionist Zombie “Christianity” is very popular.
None of these things are required, someone else does all the hard work and pays the bills.

Those who do not own themselves, their own evil, can never be free, and can never truly know God.

Today in America, Americans do not understand freedom, and though some cry out against the government, or the parts of the “government” which keeps them from doing what they want, the same cheer as that same “government” slaughters’s Gods Little Children all over the world based on lies which are provable to be lies.

Zionist Zombie Virus Host “Christians” who say “Forgive me Jesus” and believe that saves their soul, will “get them to heaven”, while cheering on the instigated wars which slaughter God’s little children, also embrace bashing babies brains out against rocks.

“Thou Hypocrite!”
Jesus the Christ.

The Ole Dog!

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