Texas Is 25th State To Urge Supreme Court To Overturn New Jersey’s 11-Plus Gun Magazine Ban

A few points.
The “Texas” being mentioned here is not Texas the Land, Texas the Living Souls Living on the face of the Land of Texas, not the Occupied by the USA in a War Crime for 155 years and counting Republic of Texas.

The “Texas” being mentioned here is the Occupying Sub Corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’, the Occupation puppet “government” put in place to farm Texicans asses for profit for the DC/USA Corporation.

The living souls living on the Face of the Land of the Republic of Texas had the God Given Right of self defense, carrying weapons wherever they went in Texas from 1836 until 1846 when the Republic of Texas became a State of the United States, the Volunteer Union established by the Revolutionaries when they rebelled against British Rule.

As a State of the volunteer union, the United States, Texicans exercised and had their God Given Right of Self Defense confirmed by the Constitution of the Republic of Texas now termed the State of Texas.

When the queer manic depressive shyster rail road lawyer Marxist yankee “puritan” War Criminal Lincoln started trying to make a communist shit hole of America, the Republic of Texas Legally seceded from the Volunteer Union it had Voluntarily joined.

The Republic of Texas then joined the Volunteer Union of the Confederate States of America.

The queer atheist war criminal Lincoln and the God-less “puritan” “witch” burning, peaceful Quaker murdering, little Southern Children Gang Raping to death yankees in a War Crime, Invaded the Confederate States of America.

With the Dissolution of the Confederate States of America, the Republic of Texas automatically reverted back to the Republic of Texas.

Texas held out longer than any other states (countries) of the now defunct Confederate States of America.
Up to the point the last Texas troops surrendered to the yankee USA terrorist, the Republic of Texas souls had always had their God Given Rights to carry their weapons in self defense, defense of family, home and country confirmed by the Constitution of the Republic of Texas as an independent country, as a State of the Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, as a State of the Confederate States of America.

The Military Dictatorship, the FORCED at Gun Point MANDATORY union, the Occupying ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ put a puppet “government” in place to rule the conquered Texicans, the same ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ which is still Occupying the Occupied Republic of Texas, and the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ STOLE from Texicans their God Given Right to go anywhere Armed for Self protection, Protection of Family, Home and Country.

An occupying Criminal cabal does not want an Occupied People with the God Given Right of going Armed.

The Occupier has never removed their occupation Troops, or given the Occupied Republic of Texas their sovereignty back.

lately the Occupying ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ sub corporation of the Marxist Forced Union of the USA for Profit Corporation, has made a show of allowing Occupied Texicans the have a bit of their God Given Rights to go armed back, with several stipulations which have not been made public yet attached.

The carpetbagger Occupation guvnor A-BUTT has promised to sign the “bill” if passed, it was passed, he still has not signed it.

He did break his neck signing a bill which attempted to make criminals of Texicans if they did not want to buy from his kin, products manufactured in Occupied Palestine.

This is the “Texas” which is worrying about what some yankees do in their own damn State which is in fact a country.

I believe 155 years of this yankee shit is more than enough, every Carpetbagger in the Occupied Republic of Texas must go back to yankeeland, with a Scalawag under each arm.

The Ole Texican dog!

‘Texas Is 25th State To Urge Supreme Court To Overturn New Jersey’s 11-Plus Gun Magazine Ban’

Texas has joined a coalition of what is now 25 states urging the U.S. Supreme Court

to repeal a New Jersey law banning the possession of firearms with magazines that hold more than 10 bullets, arguing the prohibition violates the Second Amendment and puts law-abiding citizens less able to defend themselves against dangerous criminals.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced in a statement that he had signed onto an amicus brief (pdf) which argues that allowing law-abiding citizens to carry firearms with 11-plus capacity magazines benefits public safety, counterbalances the threat of illegal gun violence, and helps “make our streets safer.”

“New Jersey’s law is a blatant violation of the Second Amendment, and its mere existence threatens the rights of law-abiding citizens. This law must be struck down,” Paxton said. “Criminalizing the possession of a magazine that is so commonly used leaves Americans defenseless and vulnerable, especially in high crime areas.”


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