THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CIVIL WAR IN THE HISTORY OF THE United States-The Republic of Texas is Militarily, Criminally Occupied

There has never been a civil war in the history of America.
I use America here to define what most people erroneously think of as the United States.

Some education and clarification is in order before I proceed.

PAGE 315.

In other words, When two or more factions try to control the same government.
The Southern states did not try to take over Washington DC, they legally seceded, took their toys and went home, forming their own central Union, the Confederacy.

The yankee has been trying to redefine the definition of Civil War ever since Lincoln killed the Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, replacing it with a soviet styled Military Forced Union dictatorship, thinly disguised as a “Constitutional Republic.

The Current ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ IS A FORCED UNION, A MILITARY DICTATORSHIP, George WASHINGTON IS NOT THE FATHER OF THE “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’, the Queer, Atheist Shyster War Criminal yankee SCUM BAG “Honest Abe”, the self righteous deviant evil son of a Cromwellian “Puritan” yankee bitch is.

The united States, or United States, some write it one way, some the other, was the Volunteer Union which the Revolutionaries who rebelled against British Rule in 1775-1776 termed their Volunteer Union to band together to give their individual Countries a snow ball’s change in hell of winning against the British.

These Countries were called colonies under the British, termed states by the Revolutionaries.
They were individual countries understood to be sovereign countries banding together for economic and defense purposes in a Volunteer Union.

The war was fought under the First Constitution, the Articles of Confederation.
After the war was over, without the men who fought the war having any real say, the First Constitution was ditched in favor of a second Constitution which gave powers over the individual thirteen countries to the central government, the men who fought did not fight for.

But it was still a volunteer union and the living souls of those countries if they desired could leave that union.

As time went on, the American souls pushed westward, when enough folks gathered in one location, they would form a country, called a state, and volunteered join the volunteer union.

Like many marriages there was never universal harmony and love in this union.
The God-less yankee countries always tried to suck more out of the union than they put in, and generally did.

The yankee “soldier” deserted George Washington’s army by the thousands when the going got rough.
It is a fact when the federal government authorized by the second constitution got around to offering a yearly monetary benefit to those men who had bore arms in Washington’s army during the revolution, there mere more males (I do not like to use the word men), in Massachusetts drawing a benefit for barring arms, than ever bore arms during the revolution.

In the war of 1812 against the British, Massachusetts threatened to secede from the union, and would not even send their troops to help defend the Capital when the British tried to burn it.

The reason given for the war in US “history” books is Britain was stopping the New England Merchant ships at sea, taking yankee sailors off by force, kidnapping Americans and saying they were British, putting them into slavery as sailors on the British hell hole war ships.

It is true the British were doing this as British war ships were known to be hell holes ad the British always has a problem getting enough people to volunteer to live a miserable existence of slavery to sadistic ass holes on their ships.

This is not however, the real reason for the war.
The empire builders wanted to take Canada from the British also, so the plight of of “Impressed” yankee sailors on British hell hole war ships didn’t really bother anyone but the yankee sailors immediate families.

During the war of 1812, the yankee ship’s captains were doing a good profitable business of smuggling doing business with the British who took the yankee seamen off their own ships.
But these were poor yankees, and the rich yankees which owned and sailed the ships they were taken off of could have cared less about the poor yankee’s plight.

I want to remind you, the yankees threatened to secede from the Volunteer union, in time of war, fifty years before invading the Southern Countries for doing the same thing, and NOT in a time of war, the yankee threatened to do in time of war, fifty years earlier.

It is a FACT, secession was not illegally declared illegal until AFTER the 1861-1865 war on truth and civilians was over.


It was the yankee taking control of the federalized central government, using the Southern countries as a piggy bank to fund the party of the yankee states and the largess of the central government which caused the Southern countries to secede.

Now for you ignorant ass holes out there trying to regurgitate the lies of the yankee the war was about slavery, let me draw you a couple of pictures ro illuminate your massive ignorance.

You will notice Stonewall Jackson understood Virginia was his Country.
He went to war because his Country was invaded by terroristic War Criminal yankees who were gang raping little Southern Children, black & white, free & slave, till death, along with their mothers and the occasional farm animal, burning grandpa & grandma to death in their own homes, stealing everything, digging up the dead to rob even, throwing the bodies on the ground for animals to eat, burning court houses, church houses, out houses, seminaries, colleges, businesses and anything else they could set fire to, shelling cites filled with innocent unarmed non combatant children, women and old men into rubble.

I will add there were black slaves in the yankee states when there was no more Confederacy and all the Southern slaves were freed.

Of course the yankee does not like to talk about mass murdering freed Southern slaves, or making freed slaves slaves once more to the victorious terroristic yankee “army”.

The evil Child Gang raping till death, mass murdering yankee has tried to rewrite the history of the Extermination Camps the USA yankee army ran in Natchez Mississippi as the work of the Confederacy and Southern locals.

That is yankee bull shit and bald faced lies.

‘Never Forget: The Devil’s Punchbowl – 20,000 Freed Slaves Died After Being Forced Into Post Slavery Concentration Camp

Never Forget: The Devil’s Punchbowl – 20,000 Freed Slaves Died After Being Forced Into Post Slavery Concentration Camp

Lincolns “EMANCIPATION PROCLIMATION” was designed to cause a slave revolt inside the Confederacy so front line Confederate troops would have to be pulled from the battlefield in order to deal with the revolt, making it easer for the invading yankee War Criminal Terrorist to defeat the Southern Countries armies.

His own generals warned Lincoln he better make “Damn sure” the yankee troops knew why he was doing it, because if the yankee troops for one minuet thought they were dying to free “Nig#rs”, many would desert and go home.
Many did just that.

Lincoln declared slaves free in Countries he had no jurisdiction in, while neglecting to free black slaves in yankee countries or states he had jurisdiction over under his military dictatorship ‘UNITED STATES’.




So the very idea that war against Americans was a war to free slaves is disproved easily, if it were, why were there still slaves in yankeeland after there were none in the Conquered and Occupied Militarily Southern countries?

If the USA had a burning desire to free all slaves, why did the USA makes slaves of all Americans?

For those who despite the proof otherwise try to justify the criminal invasion, war crimes, and military occupation to this very day of the Southern Countries on Secession, then they must also hold once a woman marries a man, he owns her, Lock stock and barrel.

The delusional ass hole must maintain once a women marries a man, he can pimp her out to prostitution, rape her children, steal any and all wealth she has, and she has no recourse, she can never leave the abuser because she is his property, he owns her as a SLAVE.

But wait a minute, the same ass holes WHO try to say the USA’S CRIMINAL INVASION was to free slaves, also maintain session (DIVORCE) is illegal.

Cognitive Dissonance:
“The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. People tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so this conflict causes feelings of unease or discomfort.

This inconsistency between what people believe and how they behave motivates people to engage in actions that will help minimize feelings of discomfort. People attempt to relieve this tension in different ways, such as by rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding new information.”

Time Honored Legal Truth:
The Fruit of the Poison Tree is Poison.

In other words, one can not do criminal acts to gain control of something or someone, then force their control to become legal, through redefining legality or the sands of time.

The Fruit of the Poison tree remains poison, the seed of the poison fruit planted, brings forth a poison tree which bears poison fruit.
The seed of the poison fruit of the poison tree, can not bring forth a tree which is not poison, which can bare fruit which is not poison.

Even by rewriting “history” with bald faced lies, adulterating definitions, or even after 159 years of Slave hood and military Occupation, the fruit of the poison tree remains poison.

Thus, all “State” “governments” in Conquered illegally in an illegal unjustified War Crime Southern Countries, are Poison Military Occupation “governments”, illegal, unjust, Slave Master Anti-America, Anti-Humanity Puppet Dictatorship Criminal Agents of the Poison Criminal “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ Soviet styled marxist communist Military Dictatorship of the Cromwellian yankee “puritans” War Crime Slave Plantation.
And can never be made otherwise.

Thus the “STATE OF TEXAS’ is not a legitimate “government”, can never be made so, is but a sub corporation of the war criminal occupation USA Corporation of which Lincoln, not George Washington is the Father.

The Republic of Texas has been Criminally, Militarily occupied for 155 years, the War Criminal yankee’s USA has NEVER removed their Occupying Troops, or returned to the Occupied Republic of Texas her freedom or sovereignty.

The Republic of Texas joined the Revolutionaries volunteer Union, and Voluntarily, Legally left said union when said union became oppressive and Dictatorial.

The occupied Republic of Texas has NEVER legally been a member of the Forced Slavery Soviet Styled Military Dictatorship of which the queer atheist war criminal spawn of a Cromwellian yankee bitch, Lincoln is the Father of.

Therefore it is legally impossible for the Occupied Republic of Texas to Secede from that of which it has never legally been a member of.

Put another way, the yankee at gun point, abducted Lady Texas off the street, locked her up, rapes her anytime he feels like it, steals all her wealth to finance his deviant life style, and to justify his vile crimes, Tells everyone he and Lady Texas are married.

Course a Damn Cromwellian “puritan” yankee never could tell the truth anyway!

One hundred and fifty five years of Slave hood with the Occupying yankee Raping LADY Texas is too damn long!

Yankee go home, take your Occupying ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ sub corporation with you!

The Ole Texican Dog!

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