“WE BACK THE BLUE” Cop Arrested for Shooting Child in Head With Taser for Interrupting Fellow Officers

West Columbia, SC — An officer who was with the Springdale Police Department has been arrested on multiple charges after he drew his taser and shot a child at point blank range in the side of his head. The child committed no crime and had merely interrupted a conversation between the violent cop and his fellow brothers in blue.

Carl Brooks Wilhelm, 36, was gainfully employed with the Springdale Police Department until he was arrested this week and now faces charges of child neglect and misconduct in office for the taser incident.

According to the arrest warrant from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the child’s “mother dropped him off on April 21, 2021 so Wilhelm could take him to school. The arrest warrant states the juvenile interrupted a conversation Wilhelm was having with another officer. Wilhelm then reportedly unholstered his TASER device, pointed it at the juvenile and pulled the trigger — striking him in the left side of his head.”

Because the taser was deployed at such a close range, the child had to be transported to a local hospital in order to get the prongs surgically removed from his head.

Despite the incident unfolding in April, Wilhelm wasn’t arrested until this week. The fact that he tasered the innocent child in the head in front of two other officers who witnessed the sadistic act and failed to arrest him on the spot, also speaks to the insidious nature of the blue code of silence.

Apparently, cops can carry out utterly horrifying acts of violence against children — in front of their fellow officers — and simply walk away.


Cop Arrested for Shooting Child in Head With Taser for Interrupting Fellow Officers

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