Try to tell humanity the cold hard facts, try to tell the sheep the truth, try to make the sheep look at reality, they will stack the wood for the evil f##ks to burn you with, all the while cussing the truth tellers because they have to stack the wood.

They will pound the nails into your hands and feet personally for frightening them with the truth, for trying to show them how to be free, to own themselves.

Humanity will do anything to keep from taking responsibility for themselves, their own evil.

Tell them they must work hard life after life to banish the evil from their own souls, walk the hard path of resisting the bobbles, the shiny trinkets, the lust and greed of this physical world and they will nail your ass to the cross as they did Jesus the Christ.

Tell them someone else died to pay for all their evil, just drop some coins into the plate, go forth and sin like hell and they will go to heaven anyway, they will love your ass and keep dropping coins into the collection plate of hypocritical child raping charlatans again and again.
Hell, they will bring their children for the evil charlatans to rape.

Tell them as Jesus the Christ did, to go armed so you can defend yourself, your family, your people, and they will help the Romans pound the nails into your hands and feet.
They will cheer the Romans as the Romans disarm them promising that will keep them safe without having to take responsibility for their own asses, they will hand over their swords and tell on “friends” and family members who try to keep theirs.

Tell them the common yearly flu is a killer virus the Chinese, who are controlled by the same Romans who control London, Moscow, DC, and most other “capitals” turned loose a deadly bat virus on humanity and if they do not wear a mask which real science proves will not stop a virus, but will harm their health, lowering their oxygen levels while forcing them to rebreathe their own bodies waste, or they will get the virus both the CDC and the WHO have admitted they do not have a sample of, they will wear the damn mask alone in their cars with the windows rolled up, while riding bicycles with no one else around.

Tell them this imaginary virus will kill them if they do not take a “vaccine” which is not a vaccine, but a biological herd culling weapon, they will line up.
If you tell them there is not enough for everyone, they will fight each other to be the one who gets the kill shot.

They will bring their children to get the kill shot, the same as generation after generation they have provided the charlatans with their own children to rape.

They will throw sheep shit at, cuss, inform on anyone they know who does not wear a mask as useless as teats on a boar hog to stop them from getting an imaginary non existent virus.

They will cuss and ostracize any who refuses to take the elites euthanasia jab.

Tell them you can not print fiat backed by nothing of intrinsic value currency until everyone can sit on their asses, that the end result will be starvation for the lucky, and slavery for the unlucky ones, and they will call you crazy and throw sheep shit at you.

I hope Lucifer learned his lesson about trying to free humanity from slavery, because the slaves embraced their slave masters and called Lucifer the devil, blaming him for their own evil.

They nailed Jesus to the cross, then after murdering him, decided he sacrificed himself so they can screw little children, each others wives and husbands, steal, murder, lie and still go to “Heaven”.

Try to tell them as General George Patton tried, their asses are being betrayed by the political whores they love, they will help the evil sons of bitches murder you as the USA murdered Patton for trying to save Americans from red Russian Communist slavery.

Have you looked around lately?
Cops murder people, rape children, steal from them and the sheep love them, say they “back the blue”.

Try not to pay half or more of their labor to evil f##ks selling their asses down the road, and the “blue” they back will come, kick them out of their houses, throw them in prison, murder their asses if they resist.

They send their children to murder goat herders kids who have done nothing to them for the perverse pleasure and financial gain of evil f##ks who rape children.

They act proud when their kids come home in a box, or with minds and bodies shattered.

For f##king what?
Rich ass holes who consider them to be dog $#it to be wiped off the sole of their shoe?

“Land of the free and home of the brave?”

That must be some good shit the sheep are smoking!

In the end, when the gathering of the souls is done, Lucifer and Jesus will return home having learned many lessons, while the sheep become cock roaches and slugs eating shit to survive.

Which will not be all that different from now, as they love to eat the shit the charlatans farm their asses with.

‘Glasses and Asses’

Some folks view the glass as half empty, some as half full-
The sheep worry that bone like a disinterested cow worries a bull-

If they would just fill the damn thing up or empty it out that would be that-
But then they would not be bozos trying to fight a meteor shower with a base ball bat-

The sheep “humans” spend their time chasing lust and gold-
While in their ignorance and sloth damning their own soul-

They run after a new false god with each changing of the season-
Running to and fro like grasshoppers in the summer without care or reason-

Like the grasshopper who has not prepared for the coming of the chilly winds-
Their sheep bleating grasshopper chirping song of no care of tomorrow lends-

A fore told conclusion to the tortured wasted evil history of man-
Disappearing from history like footsteps through low tide beach sand-

I view this world from this side through a darkened glass-
But I am pretty sure it ends with BBQed sheep’s ass!

The Ole Dog!

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