US Support for Israel ‘Ironclad’ Regardless of Possible Government Reshuffle, State Dept. Says

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States will continue its “ironclad” support for Israel irrespective of government changes there, State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters on Thursday. “Regardless of what government is in place, our stalwart support, our ironclad support for Israel will remain […] Nothing about that will change even if there is a […]

THE OBOMBISTER and ManSHELL Obama team up with Netflix to deliver the animated civics lesson nobody asked for

“extolling the virtues of same-sex marriage’ Barack and Michelle Obama have previewed their latest political project: an animated music series to teach the virtues of American civics to kids. Hitting Netflix next month, ‘We The People’ is a 10-part series that, according to Netflix, “combines music and animation to educate a new generation of young […]

The Hacks Keep On Coming’: Mass. Ferry Service Suffers Cyberattack; New York’s MTA Admits April Breach

CIA’s POUMPOUSASS It is my opinion these “Ransomware” attacks are originating in Foggy Bottom. Of course as the USA tried to murder me with an “experimental vaccine” during the first Gulf War, and is still lying about experimenting on their own GIs, Murdering thousands, disabling tens of thousands: And they murdered my cousin American General […]