Biking while being a Semitic Indigenous Palestinian: red Russian Non Semitic Mongolian Khazarian Invader “Israeli” Terrorist run over child for flying Palestinian flag on his bicycle In Occupied By Non Semitic red Russian Khazarian Terrorist, Palestine

The Israeli police ran over him, beat him, and instead of calling an ambulance, they arrested him – because he had a Palestinian flag on his bicycle.

A 12-year-old Palestinian child was run over by Israeli police in East Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood for placing the Palestinian flag on his bicycle while riding to a nearby grocery to buy bread, Anadolu reports.

“I was on my bike to buy bread when three Israeli policemen chased me because I put the [Palestinian] flag on the bike,” Jawad al-Abbasi said in a report he provided to the Hadassah Hospital where he has been receiving treatment.

The boy said he was nursing injuries on his head, neck, and leg.

Jawad also told the Jerusalem-based Wadi Hilweh Information Center in another testimony that Israeli police held him at gunpoint and beat him. “I was afraid that they would shoot me or arrest me,” he added.

Jawad said passers-by had to call the ambulance because Israeli police refused to, noting that he fainted before reaching the hospital.

“I am now at the hospital and I am afraid that Israeli police will come to arrest me before I get the necessary treatment,” the boy said.

There was no comment from the Israeli police on the incident.

Meanwhile, Jawad’s cousin, Issa al-Abbasi submitted a recorded testimony to the Hilweh center saying he received the news about his cousin while at home and hurriedly arrived at the scene only to find the Israeli police surrounding the young boy.

“We called for an ambulance, but the police insisted on arresting him,” Issa said, adding that they eventually managed to take him to the hospital by ambulance.


Biking while Palestinian: Israeli police run over child for flying Palestinian flag on his bicycle

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