AMC, other movie theater chains REMOVE mask mandates for vaccinated as critics melt down over ‘liars’ who could break honor system

Boycott Business trying to make you look like a fool while harming your own health. Boycott Business which try to force red RUSSIAN Communism on you while trying to make you make yourself look like a fool while harming your own heath. The Ole Dog! Movie theater chains AMC, Cinemark, and Regal Cinemas have removed […]

California cafe charging mask-wearing customers an extra $5 to pay for ‘collateral damage’ of Covid-19 restrictions

Personally when I encounter a Maskhole I hope they have gotten the voodoo Euthanasia jab and all their boosters. Natural selection, when the vaxxed die off their genes will be removed from the genepool. The Ole Dog! A cafe owner in California is challenging mask-wearing customers by charging them an extra $5 to pay for […]

Pentagon Special Forces nominee says US should ‘strongly consider’ training Taiwanese guerillas against ‘Chinese invasion’

For those of you not aware, the OSS turned into the CIA. So the USA via the CIA trained Communist Chinese guerrillas to overthrow the Chinese Government USA was allies with at the time. With friends like the USA, one does not need enemies! The Ole Dog! US President Joe Biden’s nominee to oversee the […]

‘Creepy as F**k’: Netizens Enraged Over Hands Biden’s ‘Inappropriate’ Comment About a Young Girl

The Democrat has often been accused of displaying improper behaviour around women and children. Several women have accused the official of kissing and touching them without their consent. Biden’s former aide Tara Reade accused him of sexual assault. He dismissed the accusations, calling them a lie. US President Joe Biden has been blasted for making […]