George Washington & his Winter Soldiers gather in 2021 for an after action report-
Lessons learned from years of hardship, freezing cold, death at the It Was All A Waste Resort-

George stood among the men, young and old of which he was so very proud-
He stood and walked through the ranks, so all could hear he spoke very loud-

We who gave all we had while the cowards of congress made their purses fat-
Who faced starvation, hardship, death while the American people hid under their beds like a beady eyed rat-

Those of you who marched barefoot through rocky mud and freezing snow-
Need to share your thoughts on the war we fought so all faithless cowardly betrayers can know-

The terror of the glittering wall of a red coat bayonet charge-
When you had not enough powder & shot to stop it with your old worn out muskets, eyes open large-

Wondering why the well fed rich fat cowards of congress had not sent supplies-
Why they drank good rum, stayed warm, ignored our pleadings with repeated replies-

Of their excuses why your pay did not come to provide for your thin wives and sick children at home-
Why you in hunger had to gnaw bark from frozen willow branches while you frightened families were so very alone-

Tell each other and me your thoughts, if you would do it all again-
Viewing the capital filled with faithless treasonous cowards who love the sin-

Of which Jesus the Christ despised so much, the sin he loathed above all others-
The sin of carnal knowledge of God’s little children and sorrow brought to their mothers-

Evil faithless degenerates who sell America out for the price of thirty foreign coins of silver-
Who hide behind the blood stained flag beyond the Potomac River-

Tell me George said, seeing the faithless cowardliness of the modern American people-
Would you do it all again for such evil blood lusting me first treasonous sheeple-

Stand at ease he said, I await your individual replies-
Would you face such danger, pains cold, blistering heat and death having heard the politicians lies-

One by one they spoke of the horrors of those years, the traumatic memories of that war-
Of the breaking of their hearts, their faith suffering, the many a scar-

Which filled their bodies, their hearts, their souls and minds-
They spoke of what they would like to do with their boots to the modern Americans expansive behinds-

The all agreed if they could but have in the future seen the faithlessness of American in twenty-twenty one-
They would have not endured such hardship, the death, the trauma but would have thrown down their gun-

Just drank some good Southern corn squeezings, told some men only jokes and then-
Just sat around the fire while they BBQed some goats as their tiredness was on the mend-

Followed by a leisurely trip back to their families so they could with them be-
Sat around the home table, payed the fat king his tax on the warm pot of English tea-

They all swore for such an evil sorry excuse for a people they would not fight again-
But the self righteous lying betraying people, and the sold out politicans to hell they would send-

George Washington”s 1st cousin, American WW 2 General George S Patton, MURDERED BY THE USA FOR NOT BETRAYING AMERICA TO red RUSSIAN COMMUNISM

The Ole Dog!

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