As America turns into a 3ed world shit hole which makes a war torn African country look like a refuge, one country in America has been appointed by God to take the lead in trying to reintroduce liberty, freedom, honor, morals, opportunity, truth, safety for children from perverts back into the American way of life.
The Occupied Republic of Texas.

Just one main problem.
The Occupied by the USA part.
USA = Cromwellian “puritan” peaceful Quaker murdering, “witch” burning, little Southern child gang raping till death, thieving, lying, mass murdering, serial arsonist yankee scum blackmailed by Non semitic red Russian Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian gentuza from the Steppes of Russia pretending to be descended from ancient biblical Hebrews who are trying to spread the Ratschild’s red Russian Communism & Zionist Zombie Virus to the whole of humanity and every corner of the earth.

For simplicities sake I shall address the two evils against decency and the One True Creator God one at a time.

First the evil self righteous Cromwellian “puritan lying ass yankee.

The zionist Zombie Virus the yankee are infected with can not stand to see some human not infected with the virus.
If the yankee virus host can not infect the non infected human with the terminal to the soul virus, the virus host yankee no souled animal will kill the human which refuses to be infected.

Like a rabid skunk infected with the rabies virus, nothing is left which resembles the non virus infected skunk but the outer skin.

A non virus infected skunk is a peaceful animal which just wants to live, go about it’s life, raise it’s young without harming others.
A non virus infected skunk will only spay it’s scent weapon at one who it feels is a threat to it’s kind and young.

But once the virus erases the skunk’s soul, eats it’s brain, all that is left is a Virus Zombie trying desperately to spread the spiritual and physical death of the virus before the former skunk’s host body which is now controlled by the virus dies.

Once the skunk is infected, it becomes a danger to all other non virus infected animal life and the only solution is to put it down then burn the body to kill the virus so it does not spread even after the death of the host former skunk’s physical body.

Remember the former skunk’s brain and soul were eaten by the virus in the early stages of the infection.

Being a Texican country boy I learned young when one sees a rabid skunk the only merciful thing to do is to put the former skunk out of it’s slave hood to the evil soul, brain eating virus, being careful not to touch the infected former skunk, either bury it deep enough some non virus infected souled animal does not dig it up, eat some of it thus signing it’s own death warrant by contacting the virus, or burn the leavings of the virus to kill the virus.

One learns when killing the virus host, one is not killing an animal which has a soul and free will, as the virus infected animal is no longer an animal, but just death walking.

Just a virus host of death which wants to spread death.

The virus host only looks like a souled animal, but all it wants is to spread death and suffering.

The Virus host body is just a shell, inside is only evil and death wishing to spread suffering and death.

There is no humanity, no soul, no compassion, no goodness, no live and let live left in this pitiful shell of the animal which formerly had a soul and an independent brain which it could reason with.

Just a danger to humanity and Gods other non virus infected creatures.

Just a messenger of death to spread suffering, evil and death.

Dead at Hiroshima awaiting burial.
Japan offered to STARTING IN 1943, more than a year before the bombs were dropped, they only wanted to keep their “King” on his throne, symbolically. USA said no, dropped the bombs. Japan surrendered! USA left their King on his throne.

USA “freed” the Philippines from the Spanish, they just forgot to turn the country back over to the Philippines, and had to slaughter them when the cheeky Philippine people tried to ask Uncle Sugar for their country back.
Cheeky natives!!!
Bud Dajo, Philippines

Native Americans found out illegal aliens disarming your people lead to this.
Uncle Sugar pissing on your mass grave.
Wounded Knee, N.D.

Colombia, S.C.
Southerners murdered for trying to stop USA “soldiers” from gang raping till death, African America free and slave, children, ministers daughters and grandmas.

So as you can see, there is no cure for the death of this yankee puritan zionist Zombie virus except death of the virus host.

As evil, deadly and revolting as this zionist Zombie Virus is, there is a strain which is even more evil and deadly.
It is carried by the Non Semitic red Russian Mongolian mongrel Khazarians from the Steppes of Russia which has learned to use the yankee Puritan zionist zombie Virus strain to advance it’s own evil of spreading death, suffering and devastation to God’s souled creatures.

It is a curse on humanity and all other parts of nature.

Just pure evil in a virus form.

An abomination in the nostrils go God.

Just pure unadulterated evil.

Just no souled animals joying in forcing suffering and death of souled humanity.

It is indeed an act of kindness to the former souled being to put the virus host down, as well as self defense, defense of all other of Gos’s souled creatures.

Only with the extermination of the infected with the evil of the zionist Zombie Virus can humanity be saved.

Just as Col. Travis drew the line in the sand at the Alamo against the evil of Mexico’s persecution of Texicans, so has God drawn the line in the sand in Texas agaisnt the evil of the spread of the Zionist Zombie Virus in America.

In order for God’s fight agaisnt the evil of the soul & brain eating Zionist Zombie Virus to begin, one thing must happen first.

May God give Texicans the strength to persevere in God’s eradication of the evil Zionist zombie Virus, both strains, in the Occupied by the evil of zionist Zombies Republic of Texas.

Otherwise souled humanity is doomed.

The Ole Dog!

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