Scalawag Coward US Senator Me First! Cruz calls the Putinister ‘left-wing dictator’ in Ratschild’s Minion Cat Fight

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has pushed back against liberals dubbing him ‘KremlinCruz’ by joining in on the Russia bashing and labeling Vladimir Putin a “left-wing dictator.” Cruz found himself trending on social media following remarks he made about a video mashing up military recruiting in the US and Russia. “Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is […]

The End Of Paper Gold & Silver Markets

Those handful of folks who are awake, live in reality have known for years the paper gold & silver markets are usury bankers Scams. Depending on who’s figures you use, each available Physical Troy Oz. of Gold Or Silver has been sold on “paper” from 100 to 500 times to different suckers. When the musical […]

FAKE LIMEY “royals” ‘Struggling to Understand’ Purpose of FAKE “prince” Big Pie Hole Harry’s ‘Truth Bombs,’ Insider Claims, As EveryOne Knows The Truth & Fake “royals” Are Mortal Enemies

Just over a year after ditching their duties at Buckingham Palace to live a “financially independent” life across the ocean, the Sussexes hit the royal family with another shot after their dramatic Oprah Winfrey interview. Prince Harry has once again sat down with chat queen to detail his mental struggles following his mother Diana’s death. […]

Ex-BBC director Lord Hall resigns from National Gallery following bombshell Princess Diana inquiry-But Said Nothing about Di’s Murder & BBC PEDOPHILE PRESENTER JIMMY SAVILE

Former BBC director Lord Tony Hall has resigned from his position as chairman of the National Gallery in the wake of controversy over the BBC’s 1995 ‘Panorama’ interview with Princess Diana. Lord Hall, who was the BBC’s director of news and current affairs when journalist Martin Bashir used fake documents to secure an interview with […]

Non Zionist Zombie Virus Host Members of the Judean Religion anti-war activists paint ‘river of blood’ on steps of Israeli Consulate in Toronto to protest Gaza strikes

The steps outside Israel’s Toronto consulate were spattered in red paint by a Jewish anti-war group and other peace activists to symbolize “blood on the hands of Israel.” The Israeli mission denounced the stunt as vandalism. Members of Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), World Beyond War and other activist groups gathered at the Israeli Consulate on […]

Caught Red-Handed: CDC (CRIMINAL DIVISION OF CHILD MURDERERS) Changes Test Thresholds To Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases Among Ratschild’s Herd Culling Tool Vaxx’d

New policies will artificially deflate “breakthrough infections” in the vaccinated, while the old rules continue to inflate case numbers in the unvaccinated. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) is altering its practices of data logging and testing for “Covid19” in order to make it seem the experimental gene-therapy “vaccines” are effective at preventing the […]


As America turns into a 3ed world shit hole which makes a war torn African country look like a refuge, one country in America has been appointed by God to take the lead in trying to reintroduce liberty, freedom, honor, morals, opportunity, truth, safety for children from perverts back into the American way of life. […]