Male, active all his life, private pilot with own small plane, likes to fly.

He went to town to buy some supplies for some job, said it was like when one is young and drinks so much you are just sick as hell, the whole world is spinning, had to go sit down with blurred vision from one eye for about twenty minuets.

If he had been flying he would have crashed.

What about all the vexed commercial pilots?
Bus drivers?
Train engineers?
people driving semi rigs?
Average Joe or Jane driving a car down a crowed freeway at 70-80 MPH?
Operator at a nuke plant pushes wrong button, or don’t push the right button when they should?

I and others I know have tried all we could to wake folks up to reality, not just on the voodoo vaccines which are not vaccines.
Tried to wake people up to the evil of “governments” they LOVE & Cheer while those “governments farm them like the sheep they are, send their children to do war crimes, to die for $$$ & power for rich people who consider them cock roaches.

To religious charlatans who rape children while praying in Jesus name.
The same Jesus who said tie a heavy weight around a pedophiles neck & throw em in the deep end.

I am tired of taking shit for fighting for the sheep who help the ones farming them to persecute/murder those who fight for humanity.

God has my vote to pull the plug on humanity.
It was a failed experiment.
Perhaps the next species will be smarter with less evil in their souls.

So all you sheep, I don’t think one or two or three shots of the Ratschild’s herd culling tool is near enough, take six or seven, get boosters, make sure all your friends and families get it.

Those been trying to save your asses from yourself need a long vacation while the next species is put into production.

Even a vacation on this rock, as with all the sheep people extinct, this world would not be such a shit hole!

Go ahead an plug them intakes for the cooling water on the nuke plants, they will melt down once the sheep humans stop putting electrical power to the cooling pumps anyway.

Dump that contaminated water into the sea.
Dump them chemtrails on your heads.
Eat that GMO shit.
Spray those poisons on all the vegetation.
Kill the pollinators.

Hurry up, if humanity is going to commit mass suicide, the sooner you do it the sooner those trying to help your asses can get some rest.

And not have to listen to the ignorant catawalling of dumb animals who deem themselves gods!

Do IT!

The Ole Dog!

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