I personally would not have a relationship with a women I knew killed her own young.
But it is none of my business otherwise.
Having gotten on my knees and begged for understanding, wisdom from God, I have come to understand some things.

God gives humankind free will.
If you make rules to keep people from exercising that free will, you are playing God, interfering with the potential for spiritual growth of that human’s soul.

Humans learn from screwing up.
A few may learn from watching others screw up, but they are a tiny minority.

The Occupation Guvnor of the Occupied Republic of Texas LOVES Israhell.
That means he approves of the Holocaust of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Children being slaughtered by his Zionist Zombie Virus Host Non Semitic red Russian Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian Kin in occupied Palestine.

A-BUTT knows his withered ass is skating on thin ice politically so he is fishing for votes from Texas residents who are Zionist Zombie “christians”.

These Pissing in the Face of Jesus the Christ hypocrites cry crocodile tears for unborn babies or fetuses whichever tern fits you, while cheering the 70 plus years of slaughter of the indigenous Semitic Palestinian Children in their own Ancestral Home Land.

The “Jews” is a religion, not a race, not a sub race of the human race, are not descended from the biblical Hebrews anyway, but are Khazarians who converted to the End of Times Pedophilia & Death Cult Religion in the year 0740 AD in the Steppes of Russia.

There is modern DNA test which prove this as well as historical documents which back that up.
Around 0900 AD a Khazarian King in a letter to one of the few remaining real Judean Hebrew members of the Judaic religion said they were not descended from the Hebrews, but were converts.

I have friends who are from Khazarian ancestry, but they are not Zionist Zombies.
They are Americans who are loyal to the Land and People where they live now, not to a bunch occupying someone else land they are pretending is their ancestral homeland instead of the Steppes of Russia in order to rape, rob and holocaust the true owners of the land..

I don’t give a shit where you come from, what shade of light or dark your skin is, it is the color of your soul I care about.
But damn well despise hypocrites and charlatans.

There are good people from every religion, every nationality, every ethnic background, every shade of tan or brown.

There are also evil ass holes from all of the above.

If you support Israhell you are ether so stupid you should not have children to pass along such defective genes, or you are so evil you should be hanged to protect humanity from you and your prodigy.

I despise the Vatican because they are evil baby rapers, mass murderers and thieves on an industrial scales as well as huge liars.
Always have been.
But I have friends who are Catholic who are good people.

I was raised Baptist.
Their theology is so full of holes you could drive a Simi Truck through it.
So many hypocritical evil ass holes Jesus the Christ would not go into a Baptist Church without his whip.
And yet I have know Baptist who were good people sincerely searching for the will of God.

The popes do not recognize Protestants as Christians.
Protestants do not recognize the popes as the head of the church.
And Baptist do not recognize each other at the liquor store.

The most spiritual and enlightened folks I know do not like organized religions as they are used for, and have been used for thousands of years to herd gullible sheep into wars and through the slaughterhouse doors.

God is in each of us if we allow God to be.
We need no one to speak to God for us.
look inward for the evil in your life, as well as God.
The more of your own evil you own, the more evil you can get rid of, the more the Love of God can help you to grow spiritually.

If humanity does not own themselves, their own evil instead of trying to blame it on an imaginary “devil”, I fear Humanity will soon be extinct.

God does not have patience with such evil beings as the majority of humanity is at this time indefinitely.

When you support Israhell in their slaughter of God’s little children, you might as well be bashing their brains out against rocks yourself, because it is the same thing to God.

When you support the USA’s illegal, immoral wars and slaughter of God’s humanity, you are an evil son of a bitch which God will hold personally responsible for the millions the USA has slaughtered in war crimes in your name and with your blessing.

When I stand before the history of this life on the other side, there will be many things I did which cause me pain, so many times I said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing, but I have spent much time on my knees humbling myself before God and seeking the understanding to live a better life in harmony with the Love of the One True Creator God.

I am truly sorry for you self righteous evil ass holes who go to church on Sunday, try to act holy while you support such evil as USA & Israhell when you hit the other side.

I wish I could wave a wand and make all your evil disappear from your souls.

But each has to do that for themselves.
I have to.
You have to.

The “devil” don’t make you do that evil shit!
You do it because you are evil ass holes who like to do evil.

May God have mercy on you.

The Ole Dog!

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