America Better Pray There’s No Such Thing As Karma

….because this is how the citizen-sheep spend their hard-earned tax dollars. And it’s taking them straight to Hell….

THE Biden administration has approved the sale of $725 million worth of precision-guided weapons to Israel as warplanes pound Gaza with airstrikes.

The ongoing crisis in the region is the worst since the 2014 Hamas-Israeli war that lasted for nearly two months.

So far, at least 200 Palestinians and 10 Israelis have been killed in the conflict and a total of 1,300 have been injured. At least 58 of those killed are reported to be children.

While lobbying for a cease-fire, the White House has said that Israel has a right to defend itself from Hamas’ attacks.


And for all of you fluoride-addled, TV addicted, State Zombies. I would like to remind you — as an occupying power, Israel cannot use military force against the occupied Palestinian people under the guise of ‘defense,’ because under international law, the occupier has a legal duty to protect the territory it occupies.


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