GOD’S GONNA GET CHA-LYING Dog PREACHER WHO CLAIMED Descendant From General Lee To Bad Mouth Him Was Not A Descendant

There is an extraordinary column in the Washington Post from Glenn Kessler on a key figures in past coverage on the removal of Confederate statues. The Post ran a widely cited article on how Robert E. Lee’s own descendant wanted the general’s statues to be removed. The problem is that no one at the Post […]

War Crimes In Gaza

Just imagine the Western levels of hysteria if Russia or China were bombing and killing children in residential areas. No wonder the Empire of Chaos and Lies – posing as a “liberal democracy” while enabling the murderous Zionist project – is firmly flirting with the dustbin of History.

OCCUPATION OF THE Republic of Texas, USA Uniformed Troops Go To Bars & 7-Eleven In Occupied Dallas To Randomly Vaccinate “Younger Crowd”

For much of the past month national media has been replete with headlines decrying “vaccine hesitancy” as coronavirus infection rates continue on the decline. Amid dire “warnings” this may “hinder” herd immunity goals, local and federal health agencies are busy pouring vast resources into vaccine-promoting ad campaigns. “The United States has a surplus of coronavirus […]