I am not a scientist.
I have taken micro biology, I taught Chemical Biological radiological Defense in the military.
I have a bit more than a layman knowledge but when I want to know something scientific beyond my abilities or training, I look for someone who understands the sciences better than myself.

My expertise in in war, law, government, theology, real economics with real money.

I trust nothing the USA says, nothing.
I trust nothing the UK, France, Russia, Denmark, the Vatican, or any other “government says.

Most “governments today are owned and operated by this family of ass holes, who are what humanity is allowed to see.

Fake prince/Real Rat!
The Lady Di murdering scum iS from commoner imposters.
Both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were bastards, not sired by by Plantagenet Royal fathers.
This makes the present “royals” fake monarchs.
But this does show you who really runs the British Empire.

Ratschilds made and control Communist China, so if Communist China released the Virus on the world, that means the Ratschilds ordered the release.

Ratschilds stole and control occupied Palestine, (The Fake State of Israhell), which means when Mossad, (Israhell) attacked New York on. 11 September 2001, the Ratschilds ordered the attack.


They in turn are owned is my gut feeling and what my study of real history tells me.

The real power never shows their own face.
If they do they are stupid.
When the head chopping starts ever so often when humanity has had enough, the real power always provides heads other than theirs to get chopped.


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