The Infernal Revenue Service

Corporations have income.

A human, a living soul working at a job is compensated for their labor.

A Corporate Income Tax Applied to a working man or woman is slavery operated by the DC/USA Corporation.
The USA Corporation is the Slave Master.
The worker who has the compensation for his labor stolen by the IRS for the USA Corporation, is the Slave of the USA Corporation.

If the Slave, (working man or women), refuses to hand over the fruits of their labor to the USA Slave Master Corporation, the Slave Master (USA) will have their Overseer whip (imprison, kill), the Slave (Working man or woman).

And all this time the USA has been lying and saying the reason they invaded the Confederate states of America was to free Slaves.

The Cromwellian Peaceful quaker murdering, “Witch” burning,. thieving Little Southern Child Gang Raping till Death “puritan” yankee never could tell the truth.

The Ole Dog!

Thanks to the beneficence of the Internal Revenue Service—and the fallout from COVID-19—we half of Americans who pay federal income taxes have been given until May 17 to file.

Since I began earning enough to file Form 1040 and associated forms, I have only known one person who prepared his own taxes. That was Bill Archer, a Texas Republican who formerly headed the House Ways and Means Committee. I once asked Archer why he prepared his. His reply was that not only did he think it was fun, but because he helped write the tax code, he felt a responsibility to demonstrate competence in filling out the forms.

These days, the forms are so complicated, hardly anyone I know understands them. The instructions need instructions.

I have again filed jointly with my wife (more than 70 pages). She owns a business, so it is more complicated than if we filed separately. Still, the forms require translating a language I have never studied and wouldn’t want to. If you call the IRS and ask for help, you are still responsible for interest and penalties if they give the wrong advice.

How complicated is it? Here are just a few examples. Right off the top, I am threatened with prison should I knowingly fudge information on the form. The federal government does threats very well, including those read by flight attendants. Refuse to wear a mask, even if vaccinated, and you risk arrest. Don’t even think of tampering with the smoke detector. Even the post office is now spying on us.

How’s this for clarity from the estimated tax worksheet:

“Add lines 2a and 2b. Subtract line 2c from line 1. Figure your tax on the amount on line 3 by using the 2021 Tax Tables. Caution: If you will have qualified dividends or a net capital gain or expect to exclude or deduct foreign earned income or housing, see worksheets 2-5 and 2-6 in Pub. 505 to figure the tax.”


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