‘It’s not over,’ Invasive Species Non Semitic red Russian Khazarian Terrorist Nitwityahoo says, as IsraHELL Continues to Murder Palestinians With Terrorist Airstrikes Paid For Unwillingly By the American Tax Payer

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “reach” Palestinian Hamas militants “everywhere,” adding that they will pay a “heavy price” for attacking Israeli cities amid ongoing Israeli airstrikes targeting Gaza.
“I said we would exact a very heavy price from Hamas and other terror groups, and we are doing so and will continue to do so with great force,” Netanyahu said in a fiery video address.

The prime minister said that, most recently, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked the militants’ “underground targets,” apparently referring to tunnels dug from Gaza into Israel. “Hamas thought it could hide there, but it cannot,” he said.

His words came as the violent standoff between Tel Aviv and the Gaza Strip entered its fifth day. The IDF continues to target Gaza with airstrikes that have already claimed lives of 119 Palestinians, including 27 children, according to local health officials.

Earlier on Friday, the IDF told the Israeli media that its forces had caused “immense” damage to Hamas infrastructure in Gaza, adding that they would support a ceasefire offer if one is relayed within the coming days.

Netanyahu, however, struck a more belligerent tone in his speech. “Hamas leaders think they can escape from our grasp. They cannot escape. We can reach them everywhere – all of [Hamas’s] people and we will continue to do so,” he said. “They attacked our capital, they fired missiles at our cities; they are paying and will continue to pay a heavy price for that,” the prime minister added.

The latest flare-up of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militants was preceded by massive protests, caused by an Israeli court decision to evict several Palestinian families from a neighborhood in East Jerusalem.


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