Virginia Military Institute To De-Person Stonewall Jackson, Re-Attribute Quotes in Soviet-Style Purge

VMI, the famed Virginia Military Institute that employed Confederate General Stonewall Jackson and played an integral role in America’s Civil War, has moved to de-person the General in a Soviet-style purge of the school’s Confederate history, going as far as to rip Jackson’s name away from his own quotes which emblazon a portion of the school and re-attribute them to someone else.

Efforts to de-person Stonewall Jackson and erase the school’s rich Confederate history have been in the works for quite some time, as the publicly funded military school has long been a target of the radical left. Though they had previously been met with resistance, in 2020, as the radical left waged a Soviet-style purge on America’s history – particularly in the south – with the help of a new far-left state government installed in Richmond, efforts to snuff out the Confederate history of VMI – and Virginia as a whole – went into overdrive.


One thought on “Virginia Military Institute To De-Person Stonewall Jackson, Re-Attribute Quotes in Soviet-Style Purge

  1. John Carleton says:

    Virginia is yankeeland now owed by war crimes boy Southern Child gang raping till death USA “soldier” Terrorist.

    Stonewall is a 4th cousin, and I would just as soon he was not held captive in yankeeland anyway.

    While the mass murdering war criminal Crowellian self righteous yankee witch burning, peaceful Quaker murdering evil sons of bitches are at it, how about taking George Washington’s face off Mount Rushmore where he is held hostage with evil ass holes (excepting Thomas Jefferson) he would gut like a fish for treason against the American people if they were all brought back to flesh and blood life.

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