“Humanity” are two legged animals created as slaves to superior more advanced beings.

The one the sheep slave loving “humanity” cuss and call the devil, Lucifer, took pity on your sorry slavery loving asses and thought if he gave you knowledge, you could stop being slaves and become yourselves advanced spiritual beings if you were willing to put in the hard work of growing your spirits life after life on this rock.

He screwed up as “humanity” damn well loves slavery and has killed most of those who tried to help them out of it.

Becoming an advanced spiritual being is damn well hard.
One has to work at it life after life.
Lucifer by whichever name was used from life to life, told “humanity” the truth straight up, said it was hard work, it took many many lives of not loosing sight of the goal of becoming worthy to stand in the presence of the brilliance of the Creator God.

So life after life, when some evil charlatan like the little boy buggering Popes and their child raping “priest” came along and offered an easy path where someone else had to do the hard shit, bare the pain, pay the price, the pig fornicating “humans” killed Lucifer and those who tried to help him to deliver “humanity” from slavery and partied on.

If one digs deep enough, humbles themselves before the Most High God, the One and Only True God, the Creator God, they will be given understanding.
Knowledge without understanding is about as useful as teats on a boar hog.

The Creator God if female.
Only the female can give life.
The male can protect that life, guide that life, nurture that life, but the male can not give life.

God is not some man with a magic wand, and the universe does not run the way the very slow mentally “humans” think it does.

When the Romans highjacked what is known as “christianity” to create their slave religion for slaves/conquered peoples, they took Jesus and made him God.
The trinity is God the father, who is actually the Feminine creator God, (the Holy Spirit is that feminine Creator God in disguise), but made Jesus equal to the Creator God.

Jesus in life never claimed to be equal to God.
He was not a “human” pig fornicator, he was a “Son of God”, an advanced being, born in the flesh of a “human” body”, but he himself never claimed to be God, or equal to God.

After the Hebrews who he was the guardian angel for rejected his teachings and kept buggering little children, stealing the widows home with Usury, Buggering the orphan, running after false gods, got tired of him callingng them out for their evil, they helped the Romans murder him.

Then the Romans wrote him in on their side as “God” in their novel, as well as the “devil” in the Roman novel the “holy bible” which sure as hell was not divinely inspired.
The little boy buggering Roman popes and priest cobbled this book together from letters and manuscript which had been written 100-200 hundred years after they murdered Jesus.
They threw out most of Jesus’s real teachings, adulterated most of the rest.

They made him god, claimed the right to be his only mouthpiece on this rock, and since they made him equal to God, this meant the little boy buggering mass murderers and thieves appointed themselves God’s only mouthpiece on this rock.

They hunted down and slaughtered by the millions any who tried to hold to the true teachings of Jesus.

But this was not the first such crap was done by an evil loving and Pissing in the Face of God pig fornicating sheep “humans”.

If one goes back to the time of Kings David and Solomon, which was the only time Israel existed as a unified country with Judea, the two splitting after king Solomon’s death, The Most High God, the Female Creator God was their God.
Their Protecting Angel which was not “human”, but not God, was recognized as Yahweh the Son of the One True Creator God.

Down the road, an evil people wanted a religion which justified their evil, their wars on innocent peoples who had not attacked them first, their usury, their pedophilia, their cowardliness, their laziness, so they ditched the One True God and wrote Yahweh in as god, and put words in his mouth justifying their evil.

Just as the Romans did making Jesus god.

Jesus taught reincarnation, the striving to better one’s self life after life until one was pure enough to be able to stand in the presence of the One True God.
He should have known.
He knew who he was and had been.
He was Yahweh, he was Moses, Although Moses as such never existed and the Hebrews were never slaves to the Egyptians.
Lucifer brought the Light, the Illumination of knowledge to the sheep “humans”, he told the slaves they had souls and spirits, and if they worked hard at it life after life, they could be as the ones the “humans” called “gods’, becoming advanced spiritual beings.

This is represented as “Moses” bringing the Hebrews out of Slavery to Egypt.
The problem with this is, any one who goes deep into history finds true historical facts are related in the histories of all peoples in the area at the time.
Each account may be colored by the different peoples culture or self interest, but enough will be written about a true historical time and act so one can recognize they are all telling the same story, although colored by their own history or self interest.

Other than the old Testament, no other peoples from that time relate any history of the hebrews bering made slavers to Egypt.

So Lucifer was Yahweh, Moses, King David, and Jesus the christ.
A Christ in those times meant someone who brought the light, a Messenger of God.
There have been many christ.

The single time line of the false history fed the willing sheep, does not work and those who go deep know it does not work, a handful figure out why.
Not going to go into that right now as most would not understand that aspect of the way this school house rock works if told.

Jesus has been back many times, under many different names,and the majority of the time the pig fornicating “humans” have helped the evil ones leading them into slavery again and again, murder him.
The Pig Fornicating Sheep “humans” hate the truth and those who bring it.

The two-legged animals known as “humans”, may survive for some generations more, I truly do not know.
When I stand on this side of the vail, I see through a darken glass, as the Brilliance and True Glory of God can not be seen in it’s wholeness from this distant rock populated with evil slavery loving animals.
But there is at certain times, a gathering of the souls.

Talking about two different operations here.
Gathering of the souls of advanced beings who have known the Brilliance of the Glory of God who have gone to the dark side, fought against God’s plan, focused on the physical of this world, forsaken the Glory of God’s plan, and the growth of the Spiritual world.

And the on probation primitive species known as “humanity”
The few who have stayed the course, will advance to the next level, be given a different more spiritual body for the next leg on the path to God’d True Glory.
Most of “humanity” will however be kicked back to a much lower life form.

Personally I am pulling for shit eating cockroaches as shit is about all comes out of their ignorant evil slavery and the easy way loving pie holes.

Perhaps some who came close but did not quite make the grade, will be given another 26,000 earth years on this school house rock, and two legged animals known as humans, or the replacement species once “humanity” succeeds in killing their kind off and reaching extinction of the species.

There have been many different two legged specifies on this school house rock.
In this dimension at least, “humanity” is the only one left.

If they make themselves extinct, another species will take their place.
If I am still stuck on this rock with a new species, I will beg of God that an off switch button for their pie hole be included on the remote control!

It is like burning coals or broken glass being ground into the brains for the few intelligent beings on this rock to have to listen to, and take the abuse of ignorant low level ass holes who deem themselves to be gods.

Pray all you want for deliverance from your own evil shit world you have crafted to Jesus, he is tired of your drivel, abuse you have heaped on him and is not listening to your shit spewing pie holes.

So you Sons of God, who have taken these pig Fornicating sheep monkey’s abuse for untold thousands, nay millions of years, pull up a chair with your choice of beverage.
you have a front row seat to God’s Judgement.

Personally I think I will get my dogs, a cup of coffee, sit there pick and sing ‘ANOTHER ONE BIITES THE DUST’ as the pig F##kers destroy themselves, their kind, and the precious chance to become spiritual beings, paid for with the pain & blood off those who tried to help them.

Party on ass holes.
Take the damn Ratschild’s herd culling “vaccine”.
Be a Maskhole, a Vaxhole.
Have a damn war.
Shoot off all the nukes which are a sin against the One true God.

Sooner you kill your asses off, the sooner the Sons of God who have stayed the course can get a better two legged animal species to try to help, or get the hell off this rock and go home.

Party on!
Have fun now.
Sleep tight.
Don’t let the Ratschild’s bed bugs bite.
See you in hell!

The Ole Dog!

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