As US Rebrands Bases Named After Confederates, What Other Nation Would Have Honoured Traitors?-[IGNORANCE IS A TERRIBLE THING!]

Ignorance is a terrible thing.

So is a Damned yankee Lying Ass Hole who is still proud as the USA yankees which could not defeat the foreign [no jurisdiction] Sovereign Confederate States even with an illegal War Crime block-aid of sea ports and a 3 to one superiority in troops, they turned to the Most Vile Pissing in the Face of God, Anti-humanity Gang Rapes Till Death of both white and black Children, Mothers, Grandmothers & the occasional farm animal, intentionally starving civilian non combatants to death, Mass Murdering women, children and old non combat men by shelling and burning whole cities, digging up the dead to rob, and stealing everything.

I post this piece so you can wonder how the ignorant son of a bitch, or the lying ass hole can either walk and chew gum at the same time, or still has any teeth after trying to strain such bull shit propaganda and bald faced lies through them?

The Ole Dog! who was offered West Point upon high school graduation who was given credit for both “US History” 101 & 102 without taking them upon entering university.


‘As US Rebrands Bases Named After Confederates, What Other Nation Would Have Honoured Traitors?’

The American Civil War was fought between 1861 and 1865 with the North eventually defeating the South. More than a million soldiers died as the southern Confederacy, which sought to hold on to slavery, rebelled against the United States.
.The US military has been given up to three years to rename 10 army bases and two navy ships which honour Confederate generals or their achievements.

Congress voted in January to override then President Donald Trump’s veto of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act.

Trump had vetoed the act – which approved US$740 billion of defence spending – because Senator Elizabeth Warren had included a provision to rename bases such as Fort Bragg, which are named after Confederate leaders.


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