Human Lab Rats Disabled, Lucky They Did Not Die By NOT A “Vaccine” Ratschild’s Herd Culling Chemical & Biological Tool Are Shafted By US “governmnet”, Will Maybe Be Paid Chump Change

Though they represent a tiny fraction of all patients who receive the various COVID-19 vaccines, those who have severe, even life-threatening, reactions to the J&J COVID-19 jab face a difficult path to compensation since US law shields producers of the various COVID-19 vaccines from lawsuits. Instead, as Bloomberg explains in a story published Monday, patients […]

States Offer Bribes To Get Stupid People to Voluntarily Get Injected With The Ratschild’s Chemical Biological Herd Culling Tool Pimped By Gates As Not A “Vaccine” Demand Softens

Just as more states project that they have reached peak levels of vaccine demand, and governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer come up with subtle ways to encourage reluctant adults to acquiesce, multiple states are experimenting with offering carrots, even a monetary reward. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Monday offered a $100 financial incentive to state […]