I was reading an article on Lew Rockwell, a site which does have some good pieces on it, about the DC/USA being war mongers, the never ending war-war-war of DC/USA, when I came to this:

“Or how do you explain the 19-plus years of warfare there that followed the 9/11 attacks, themselves committed by a small Islamist outfit, al-Qaeda, born as an American ally in that first Afghan War?”

I stopped reading as I knew the writer was either stupid as $#it, a cowardly on their knees sheep, or complicit in the crime itself.

From the way the piece was set up, I do not believe the writer to be stupid.
That leaves two choices.
Cowardly or complicit.

I can not tell you which of these two the writer is, but he is a danger to, and a tool of the enemies of America, an enemy of America himself, either because he took the 30 shekels as did Judas to sell out Jesus and all those who were associated with Jesus, or he knows the truth and does not have a set of balls.

I am descended from one of the greatest propagandist of all times, Julius Caesar and I must say his genes seem to have blessed or cursed me with the understanding of herding sheep, black mail, how to use truth, then slip in the lie which one peddling to slow minded or cowardly folks who want to believe the lie anyway for a verity of reasons.

I know how to do these things.
I do not approve of farming the sheep for personal power, status, fame for gain.
But I can damn well pick off a propaganda piece trying to sell or buttress the big lie like one picks a big bloated blood sucking tick off a pot licking hound dog.

I can not tell you the reason the writer is lying to Americans on this very decisive issue, but he is either a treasonous cowardly no balls son of a bitch, or he was involved with the attack on America, and it is his job, and self serving to help continue in the minds of the American people that a bunch of stone aged people were able to pull off an attack which involved the wiring for demolition three very large and tall buildings,

Manipulated world wide media,

kept a 20 year war going against people who did not attack America to benefit these who did,

Or for self preservation, (not getting their treasonous asses hanged from a lamp post on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now as far the American people at large.
If you are stupid enough to still believe after all the vast sea of evidence repudiating a handful of stateless cave dwellers pulled off one of the most sophisticated attacks in the history of the modern world, the doctor should have slapped your mama & daddy, you should get help crossing streets and you should be kept away from sharp objects, cliffs, rivers, moving machinery and reproduction so you do not pass the village idiot genes along to future generations of dumb asses such as yourself.

If after all the evidence AND you have the cognitive ability to walk & chew gum at the same time, then you are a cowardly ball-less degenerate treasonous ass hole who betrays their own prodigy and country.

In that case you should be keeps from reproduction also.
Along with having a big red T for Treason sewn onto your shirts and coats so real Americans can identify you and make sure they have nothing to do with you.

He or she who tries to straddle the fence too long, usually winds up with a foreign object inserted up their ass.

Perhaps there needs to be a “passport” which one carries which identifies if one is a Real American, a village idiot, or a treasonous piece of Israhell loving hammered dog shit.

This was not the first time Israhell murdered Americans.

JFK was going to stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way.

Here is the NON SEMITIC, NOT DESCENDED FROM BIBLICAL HEBREWS low life red Russian Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian Mafia Don pedophile mass murdering both American & Humanity at large red Russian son of a one eyed, three legged, flea infested, mangy whore of a Khazarian street mutt who ordered all three attacks plus American children in USA uniforms murdering children all over the world while coming home in boxes covered with the treasonous flag which helped the Ratschilds carry out all three attacks.


When the time comes when it is no longer possible for even stupid as hell or treasonous cowards to pretend Israhell did not do the cowardly attack on New York, DC/USA was into it up to their pedophilic shit filled eyeballs, and the evil of the Saudi “royals” financed, all you stupid as hell and ball-less cowardly treasonous American trash Israhell firsters, keep the hell away from me.

When I step in a pile of rancid pig shit, even when I wipe it off my boot, the smell lingers as the smell of stupidity and cowardliness will linger on you long after the truth is no longer deniable.

The Treasonous Dirty Dog Guilty Should Be Hanged!
After Fair Common Law Trials of Course.

on 9-11 it was 3,000 Americans holocausted as a burnt offering to their demonic war god who likes to rape & murder innocent children

The Ole Dog does not like mobs.

The Ole Dog!

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