Face Book using Herd propaganda to try to kill humans by getting them to roll their sleeves up and be injected with the deadly witch’s brew non vaccine.

More and more folks are figuring out the “pandemic” is FAKE, the Pedoist Gates,

is a blackmailed


anti-humanity a$$ hole who is pimping the Pedo red Russian Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian Ratschild’s


Witches Brew Voodoo “Vaccine”which is not a vaccine but an attempt to play God by the evil Khazarian street mutt Ratschilds,

in which they are trying to cull the humanity herd to bring the numbers of humans way down, using a fake pandemic to achieve the Pedo Ratschild’s wet dream of them ruling all this rock and all of Humanity which then will be the Ratschild’s slaves.

Another blackmailed piece of Khazarian street mutt $#it is the figure head for the red Russian Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian Ratschilds “Face Book”.

I personally am on my second 30 Face Book Jail Lock Up for telling the truth.
Locked up or down as the case may be because the truth does not meet the little sawed off runt’s which the best part of ran down his mama’s hind leg “COMMUNITY STANDARDS”.

As if the little pimp for EVIL Anti-humanity Pedophiles and Ratchild’s Anti-humanity schemes had any standards!

This time I was incarcerated because some yankee who is still proud his great grandpa helped Gang Rape little Southern Children, black & white, their mothers, ministers’s daughters, and the occasional farm animal to death when not mass murdering unarmed civilians while shelling whole cites into rubble, digging up the dead to rob, burning grandpas & grandmas to death in their homes, stealing everything including all the gold the yankee USA “soldiers” could find and steal while Mass Murdering unarmed civilians in Missouri, was bad mouthing my cousin Jessie James, the Freedom Fighter who understood his country was occupied by foreign War Criminals and that most of that gold coin in the Kansas banks was stolen Missouri gold coin.

I pointed out the yankee’s hypocrisy, Love of War Crimes, and cousin Jessie’s attempt to bring some of that stolen coin back to his starving and under foreign military occupation, neighbors.

Seems lies, pedophilia, red Russian Communism/zionism, anti-American & anti-humanity red Russian Khazarian $#it DOES meet Face Book’s “Community Standards”.

I will be out of Face Book Jail soon.

The number of deaths I have heard related to the Voodoo “Vaccine’ which is not a vaccine, but a chemical and biological weapon against humanity, is around 3,000 and climbing.

Women who got the Witches Brew Voodoo “vaccine” are having miscarriages at a rate like a Planned Parenthood Abortion mill, menstrual cycles from hell, and women who have not taken the jab but are closely associated with, say working with women who have are having the same problems.

A Vaccine has the dead virus cells put in a solution with heavy metals as a preservative, that when injected into the body, the theory is the immune system them creates anti-bodies against the virus so if one is exposed to the live virus, these prepared already anti-virus anti-bodies will attack the live virus cells keeping them from reproducing.

The problem here is both the CDC and the World Heath organization, when backed into a corner will admit they do not have a sample of the Virus.
This is because no new “virus”, “COVID-19” has been identified, isolated and reproduced as per accepted scientific Protocol.

No sample of the virus one can reproduce in order to kill in order to put in solution to inject into the body, it is scientifically impossible to produce a vaccine agaisnt the either not identified or non existent virus.

The number of people murdered by, disabled by, brains turned to jelly by this Crime against humanity by the red Russian Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian Pedo Ratschilds is going to ballon like a snow ball rolling down hill as more and more people are assaulted with this Ratschild’sd witches Brew Human Herd Culling tool, and the long term effects start to progress.

When Humanity figures out what the Ratschilds have done to Humanity, the dying, the ones going insane, the women sterilized will figure they have nothing to loose, chase the Ratschild’s and their minions like the blackmailed bitches who run Facebook, Twitter, the MSM whores, blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery child rape Horney trap Videos, pimping this assault on humanity while hiding the truth of the consequences from humanity down the street and slaughter them like the pigs they are.

A side note here.
I have always told folks when the Ratschilds find it politically expectant, they would step on Israhell like a cock roach.

It is increasingly being revealed to humanity the Non semitic red Russian Mongolian Mongrel Khazarians which invaded the Homeland of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians, are Holocausting the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians in the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians own ancestral Home land, are NOT descended from the Biblical Hebrews, but are evil child raping, thieving, War Crime Committing, usury war starting Non human Two legged no souled animals which are damned well evil fakes and no souled Zionist Zomies.

They are becoming a liability to the Ratschilds and not a tool which can continue to used against humanity.
The ratschilds have made sure every pedo war criminal zionist zombie in Occupied Palestine has been “vaccinated” as many times as they can “vaccinate” them.

This means in the next couple of years most of them will die off or become drooling mental cases.
This means there is no longer any need to bomb Tel Aviv back into the Stone Age.

No need to arrest and try in a war crime court, the Ratschilds and their minions.
The Ratschilds have arranged the die off of the Israhell minions, and the dying, sterilized and going insane Humanity will do for the Ratschilds and the rest of their 30 shekel whored out minions.

It is time for humanity to realize we are all one no matter the shade of ones outer covering.
It is the color of the soul, light or dark which matters.
Humanity must unite against a common enemy.
Humanity must let the past be the past, and unite in the present.
Hate is a cancer which has been farmed and grown in humanity by the lies and manipulation of the evil of the Ratschilds in order to herd the sheep through the slaughter house doors.
As long as hate is harbored in the soul, God’s Love can not abide there.

Humanity is one, when you hurt another human you hurt yourself.

If humanity does not let go of the grudges from a thousand years back, hundreds of years back, embrace the Love of the Creator God of Love in their hearts, I fear humanity will be just one more extinct species who’s bones will be dug up and studied by some future species.

Not much time left I fear.

Humanity, Unite against the evil which hates humanity!

The Ole Dog!

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