Can The US Navy Protect Ships From Missile Attacks?-HELL NO!

When in 1941, after months of trying to get Germany to attack USA navy ships which were openly violating the Neutrality Laws of the seas, but the Germans were too smart, and did not want war with America anyway (USA & America are two very different things), using economic sanctions, he backed Japan into a corner so they had only the options of surrendering to DC without firing a shot, becoming a puppet country, or attacking.

They attacked, FDR knew they were going to, knew when, failed to warn the Army General & Navy Admiral in charge at Pearl, so the body count and destruction of Military equipment could be maximized so the American people would let him drag America into yet another Ratschild’s pre-planned world war.

FDR made sure while the battle wagons were lined up with no steam up, the aircraft carriers were at sea because while the battle wagons were basically obsolete for warfare at sea, the aircraft carrier was then the future of Naval Warfare.

Today aircraft carriers are sitting ducks, dead meat, artificial fish reefs if used against China, Russia or Iran.

They are now status symbols only good for parking off the coast of some underdeveloped country with no real military and bombing them back into the stone age for the Ratschild’s red Russian Khazarian World Wide Pedo Mafia.

Little known to most Americans, this is from memory, an US Navy tin can was aggressing against the Russians in I believe the Black Sea.

A single Russian plane flew overhead, the tin can lost all electronics, all weapons systems as the Russian plane made a dozen mock bombing runs on the helpless ship.

When they flew away, the tin can’s electronics returned, it got the hell out of Dodge and went to Sig.

There a large number of those on board asked to be transferred from active duty.

Russia, China, Iran teach real science so their graduates can design & build real weapons which really work.

USA forces junk science on Americans, and Americans can now flip burgers at Micky D’s and build high priced gold plated weapons which are useless a teats on a boar hog against a real military.

The Ole Dog!

By Tony Capaccio (Bloomberg) The U.S. Navy “currently does not have a well-defined strategy or funding” for testing to determine whether radar and self-defense systems aboard many of its vessels can stop anti-ship cruise missiles, according to the Pentagon’s acting director of combat testing.

The shortfalls are “creating an unacceptable risk in our ability to evaluate the operational effectiveness and survivability of future ships in combat,” according to Raymond O’Toole, acting director of operational testing and evaluation. His remarks came in a prepared statement for a hearing Wednesday by a Senate Armed Services subcommittee examining the Defense Department’s acquisition system.

Although most of this year’s debate in Washington over Navy shipbuilding is focused on constructing more vessels and improving shipyard maintenance capabilities, O’Toole shed light on the routine but urgent task of testing a completed ship’s combat capability against adversaries such as China, whose arsenal bristles with anti-ship missiles.

O’Toole didn’t single out specific ships in his statement, but his office’s last two annual reports highlighted the Navy’s failure to complete several such tests on the $13 billion Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier.


Can The US Navy Protect Ships From Missile Attacks?

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