The whores in DC sold America/Americans out to the Ratschilds several generations back.

After WW 2, the DC bunch of evil child raping bloodsucking parasites helped Joseph Stalin who Holocausted a estimated 66 million humans for the Ratschilds (Ratschilds did the 1917 red Russian Communist “revolution” as well as giving birth to communist china) murder American General George S Patton.

That was not the beginning of the sell out, the persecution/enslavement of Americans, but when they murdered Patton, there was no more hope for America.

Patton had seen the betrayal of America/Americans by the evil whored out to the Ratschild’s Khazarian Mafia.
He saw the plan to start a Cold War, he saw the Evil DC clowns working their bought and sold asses off to make sure there was a Cold War, which meant more power for the Ratschilds, more money for the Ratschilds, more human blood sacrifices to their Demon “god”.
Whether this demon “god” is real or not is immaterial.
The Rats believe it is, so they rape children and sacrifice them to their demon “god”.
They start wars to mass murder humanity as blood sacrifices to their demon “god”.

I will add if they had not murdered Patton, he would have come back, told the American people what the evil asses in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac had done, the parents, wives, children of those murdered in a needless war set up by the Ratschilds would have chased presidents, Vice Presidents, senators, heads of ‘federal” agencies down the streets of Washington DC and slaughtered them.

If he had come back, Patton would have been president, the No Combat Coward Ike who helped make sure the Ratschilds Cold War happen by betraying his host country, who mass murdered several million germans in open air death camps in Germany after the war was over, would have been given the choice of eating his pistol or courts Marshall, hanging or life in Leavenworth.

If the DC crowd had not helped the Ratschilds murder general Patton, there would have been no Cold War, no Korean War, no Viet Nam war, no last twenty years of war to force Ratschild Usury Scam “central banks” on counties which did not, do not want the blood sucking evil institutions.

The Ratschilds start intentional depressions to fleece the sheep by their control of the fiat currency scam they run pretty much world wide, only a handful of hold out countries.
In the last 20 years USA has been invading and destroying countries which resisted “instituting” a blood sucking Ratschild’s Usury fiat scam “central bank”.

Now the Ratschilds are forcing a witches brew voodoo “vaccine” on humanity which is murdering many (I heard 3,000 dead already), disabling people, and sterilizing people (miscarriages out the ass for those having been dumb enough to take the shot), with no one, not even the evil minions in labs who cooked upon this anti-Humanity assault for the Ratschilds know what all it will do to the body of those who are raped with the Ratschild’s evil brew.

The mask wearing is bull shit.

If you back the CDC into a corner, they will admit they have no samples of a “COVID-19” virus, no one does.
No such virus has been scientifically isolated, reproduced by accepted scientific protocols.

How do you make a vaccine for a virus when you have no samples of the virus.
I studied microbiology under an Air Force Virologist.

The way a vaccine is made for a virus is, one takes the live virus, kills it, put the dead virus into a solution (usually with heavy metals as a preservative for multi dose vials).
The theory is the dead virus causes the immune system to produce anti-bodies to the virus so when the person is exposed to the live virus the immune system has anti-bodies for that virus ready to kill the virus.
It does this by locking onto the individual virus cells, keeping them from splitting and reproducing.

This is like a key and a pad lock, or your front door lock.
One tiny deviation on the ridges and dips in the key, it will not open the lock.

Viruses mutate at a high rate and the slightest mutation of the live virus causes the pre prepared anti-bodies to be useless as teats on a boar hog.
One tiny mutation in the virus, the anti-bodies from a vaccine for that virus will not lock onto the cell and stop it from multiplying.

In this case, no one can produce a sample of the alleged virus anyway.

No Virus, no vaccine.

What they are hitting you with is a chemical/biological weapon to cull the herd, sterilize huge numbers of humans, both male and female.

They are trying to change you DNA, your genes from what God gave you.
They are playing an Evil “god”.
The red Russian Rats have come to believe instead of Rats, they are “gods”.

You who take the jab are the lab rats.
No one knows all the harm this witches brew will do to humanity.
in the next few months, next couple of years, those who took the “vaccine” which is not a vaccine will realize they have been had, and badly.

So, do you love your children, your grandchildren?
A parent, grandparent is supposed to protect the children, not offer them up to red Russian Khazarian Mafia Rats for sexual party favors, lab rats and human blood sacrifices to whatever demon god exist in the warped minds of the Ratschilds.

Love humanity?
love your own prodigy?

Stand up and protect them!

The children are the future of humanity, if humanity is to have a future.

The Ole Dog!

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