When you want to understand how the world is run by the evil on top at the moment, talk to me.

I been reincarnating for at least thousands on years on this rock.
in that time I have been up to my eyeballs in wars/court/statesmanship.

I understand blackmail, entrapment, herding people to an extent very few do.
Just cause I understand how to do all this evil $#it, don’t mean I practice or approve of it.

Now, i have a a layman understanding of science, but when I want to know something scientific, I go find someone who understands science as well as I do “political science”.

Clif High is one of those I trust to explain scientific world.

This is a very important video where he explains the witch’s Brew Voodoo “vaccine” making war on humanity.

I’d watch it if I were you!

The Ole Dog!

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