Videos Showing Palestinian Experience of Violent Apartheid Deserve An American Audience-YouRube Says Hell NO!!

In January the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem declared that Palestinians face an “apartheid… regime of Jewish supremacy” in all the lands under Israel’s control, including the state of Israel, but the declaration has gotten very little attention in the U.S. The media, politicians and liberal Zionist organizations have all sidestepped it because it contradicts the idea that Israel is a Jewish “democracy” — and the occupation is something bad going on in a different land.

B’Tselem’s finding is the latest in the “mounting recognition” of a reality: Israel and Palestine are one entity, with more than 680,000 Jewish settlers living in what was supposed to be a Palestinian state, and almost all Israel’s political leaders are fine with the arrangement. So we are past the era of a two-state outcome and seeing an active struggle for equal rights.

We all know how important videos have been to a reckoning about racial issues in the United States. Here are six recent videos, most of them from B’Tselem, that deserve a wide audience in the United States. They show the brutal face of apartheid for Palestinians, and the role Israeli soldiers play in allowing the violence to go on. No discussion of Israel’s “Jewish democracy” is complete without Americans seeing these videos.

The first one is short and very disturbing. On December 18, a settler on occupied land threatened Palestinians and the press with a gun. And then other settlers arrived with attack dogs. And guess who’s side the soldiers are on in this video?

Bear in mind that this incident took place in the Ramallah district, about a mile from the village where 15-year-old Palestinian Ali Abu Aliya was killed protesting the same encroachment on village lands — two weeks earlier, on December 5. Israeli soldiers shot at the demonstrators, killing this child.

The next video actually got some attention. On New Year’s day this year, Harun abu Aran, a 24-year-old laborer, was shot by an Israeli soldier and left paralyzed as he tried to hold on to a generator used in building. The video is extremely upsetting to watch. The soldiers were trying to stop Palestinians from building in an area Israel has declared a closed military zone.


Videos showing Palestinian experience of violent apartheid deserve an American audience

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