Ethiopian Jews are met with RABID RACISM in Israel

Hundreds of Ethiopian immigrants landed in Tel Aviv in March as part of an aggressive move by the Israeli regime to change the demographics of the occupied territories and further push Palestinians out of their land.

These very same Ethiopians face constant discrimination and racism in Israel despite having been invited by the Israeli regime.

An Ethiopian immigrant in the occupied territories, speaks out here during an anti racism protest.

We can tell that no one sees us, no one investigates these issues deeply, and they always sweep this issue under the carpet.

Ethiopian Israeli Immigrant
Some 300 Ethiopian immigrants landed in Tel Aviv in mid March as part of a colonial plan by the Israeli regime to bring the Ethiopian Jewish community to the occupied territories.

They were the last of 2000 Ethiopian immigrants to arrive in an operation which began last December.

Nearly 150,000 Ethiopian Jews now live in Israel, many of whom arrived in a secret immigration operation that took place in the mid 1980s and early 1990s.

Most of these Ethiopian Jews face racism in their daily lives and experience institutional discrimination at every level; even their Jewishness is doubted.

This comes as no surprise since Israel is an apartheid regime.


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