Another British “royal” Disappears From Public Life BUT ALL “British” “royals” Are Just Fakes, Not of Royal Blood Anyway, So It Matters Not

Royals are considered Royal when they are descendants of Lucifer, the Real one, not the made up one from the Roman Novel loosely based on the real one.

The current “royals” are not the blood of Lucifer, as Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were bastards.
This makes these “royals” the prodigy of Real BASTARDS who were FAKE “royals”.


The Ole Dog!

In November 2019, the Queen’s son Prince Andrew announced that he would step down from his royal duties over the backlash which followed an interview where he defended his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Shortly after that, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan announced that they would also stop working as senior royals.
The Queen’s cousin Princess Alexandra has not taken part in royal engagements for eight months, the Court Circular is showing, sparking concerns about whether the British monarch has lost another working member of the royal family.

Princess Alexandra, the daughter of the Queen’s uncle Prince George, Duke of Kent, last performed her royal duties on 30 July 2020, when she spoke on the phone to a long-serving volunteer from the Red Cross Society to mark the service’s anniversary. No royal engagements have been recorded in her curriculum since then.


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