246 “Fully Vaccinated” With a Witch’s Brew Voodoo “Vaccine” For A “Virus” Not Scientifically Proved to Exist, Michigan Residents Catch “COVID-19”, 3 Die

So much for the COVID jabs being “100% effective” at preventing “serious illness.” Michigan, now the epicenter of the American COVID outbreak, is desperately begging the federal government for more vaccines. But reports about a rash of infections in “fully vaccinated” patients might provoke a rethink. The Detroit News reported that as many as 246 […]

Another British “royal” Disappears From Public Life BUT ALL “British” “royals” Are Just Fakes, Not of Royal Blood Anyway, So It Matters Not

Royals are considered Royal when they are descendants of Lucifer, the Real one, not the made up one from the Roman Novel loosely based on the real one. The current “royals” are not the blood of Lucifer, as Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were bastards. This makes these “royals” the prodigy of Real […]