RATSCHILD’S red RUSSIAN KHAZARIAN COMMIE KGB BITC# THE PUTINISTER signs law enabling him to serve two more terms as Russian president, could potentially stay in office until 2036

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill which allows him to run for a fifth term as the country’s head of state in 2024. Under the previous legislation, he would have had to leave the Kremlin at the next election. The newly signed bill comes after the country voted in favor of a new […]

NITWITYAHOO appears in CORRUPTION TRIAL as protesters TAUNT ‘Crime Minister’

The Israeli regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appeared in court facing long-standing charges of corruption and “illegitimate use” of his power to win favors from media moguls. “The relationship between Netanyahu and the defendants became currency, something that could be traded,” lead prosecutor Liat Ben-Ari said on Monday during opening arguments as he presented […]