Nothing beats the wind in your face (THE BREATH OF GOD), bolts of high energy shooting around you, the thunder, (GOD’S VOICE) shattering the drudgery of life on this jail house of school house rock.

My wife although ballsy in some ways, is scared of a thunderstorm.
years back when the kids were small, I was standing outside with God’s breath in my face, lightning bolts shooting here and there, thunder shaking the ground.
I was happy.

The wife yelled me to come in before I got hit by a bolt of high energy.

I looked at her and said.
“If I was hiding under the bed in there, and it was my time, I assure you God could shove that lightning bolt straight up my ass under the bed”.

Got a couple of siblings a few years older than I am.
Told the wife they may exist longer than I live, but I don’t know why they would want to, they have never lived.

Where there is no pain, no struggle, no need for the soul to make the right choice, there is no growth.

The Ole Dog!


There is no guarantee of a job or safety net, there is no absolute security from evil doers, and there is only so much you can do to prevent accidents and illness. The silver lining is that recognizing this is the best way to cushion yourself from the vulnerabilities of an unpredictable world.

Brienne of Tarth, in Game of Thrones, nobly intends to uphold an oath she swore to Lady Stark to keep her children safe. But she is also a bit naive about the nature of the world in which she lives.

Brienne thinks she can bring Arya to a safe place, wherever that is. But as The Hound so eloquently reminds her:

“There is no safety you dumb bitch. And if you don’t know that by now, you’re the wrong one to watch over her.”

If Brienne thinks she can ever let her guard down, or relax, she will never be safe. There is no destination at which point she and Arya will be ultimately secure. It just does not exist.

And Sandor Clegane–The Hound–is right; if Brienne of Tarth cannot understand this basic fact about the world, she is the wrong person to be watching over Arya.

The Hound’s negative view on the danger in the world actually leaves him less vulnerable. He never expects to be safe, and is therefore safer because he is alert to danger.

As rough as the Hound is, Arya was in fact safe the entire time she was with him. This was no guarantee, it’s just how it happened, mostly due to the fact that The Hound knows is constantly vigilant against danger.

And although Brienne’s goal is to make Arya even safer, she instead severely wounds the person protecting Arya. Brienne incorrectly judges The Hound to be a danger to Arya, and then fails to secure Arya, leaving her more defenseless than she had been previously.

Brienne’s actions actually prove The Hound’s point. Brienne’s belief that she could bring Arya to safety created a dangerous situation that could have been avoided if she only realized that safety is a constant effort, and not a destination.


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