I HAVE ALWAYS ENJOYED A GOOD THUNDERSTORM. Nothing beats the wind in your face (THE BREATH OF GOD), bolts of high energy shooting around you, the thunder, (GOD’S VOICE) shattering the drudgery of life on this jail house of school house rock. My wife although ballsy in some ways, is scared of a thunderstorm. years […]

White Cat House In Sodom & Gomorrah On The Potomac Enlists Occupation Kings To Help Boost “Public Confidence” In JNJ Witches Brew Voodoo “Vaccine”

I know there seems to be an oversupply of red Russian Ratschild’s minion political prostitutes which need to receive their just reward, and the public might despair of finding enough pedophile priest entrails to strangle the Rats Anti-Humanity/Anti-American whores. Do not fear, having studied the Vatican’s historical lust for little boys derrières, I am convinced […]