The End of Woo! – watch out in comments for the crypto spammer – not me.

One can only keep their heads up their ass so only so long without pulling it out to take a breath.

God, Nature, Universe, by whatever name one uses, is quite pissed at “humanity”, tired of their deciding they are gods and the Universe must orbit around “humanity”.

There never were actual horsemen who rode out to devastate societies and peoples, that is symbolic for the hardships, grief, deaths, starvation, shocks which have had to be applied to the two legged animals from time to time to get em back in line.

Yes there is an order to the Universe, there are caretakers assigned to each sector, and “humanity” is one very tiny primitive species in an endless universe.

The thing which has kept humanity from finding the One true creator God, is they have decided they are god and God needs “humanity” to exist.

God has arranged a demonstration of the fallacy of “human” “thinking”.
look around you are what the earth is doing.
The changes.
Thats just your rise and shine alarm clock for whats coming.

Or in the case of most “humanity”, your pull your head out of your ass alarm.
If you want to survive, reasonably sane.

The Ole Dog

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