“Humanity” is a primitive species of primates with opposing thumbs and a lower level brain and reasoning ability.

Now, these two legged animals are just a meat sandwich so energy called souls by some, can operate physically on this jail house of school house rock.

There have been other species of two legged “humanoids” used in the past.

Not all energy, or souls are from the same source.
Some of the souls in these meat sandwiches are much much older, more advanced than the bulk of the souls which are new primitive souls making these two legged animals do some of the most self-destructive dumbed ass shit any world has ever seen.

Your “history” of “humanity” is self serving, and bullshit.
Any true history for the current two legged species debut on the stage of this rock has been bent, twisted, murdered, changed from generation to generation by self serving would be “kings” and “priest”.

Souls of “humans” at one time were the souls of lessor forms of animals.
you can see where some people resemble the characteristics of different species of animals.

It is my believe the souls of most of “humanity” today were souls which came from sheep.

Sad but true.

Some of the “gods”, (to sheep humans any species a shade lighter and a bit smarter were gods), thought they could help the sheep people to grow into advanced spiritual beings.

It is obvious they were wrong.

It is like the now dead comedian George carlin said in one of his last interviews.
” I think it is drain time for humanity. They are circling the drain, getting ready to go down”.

He said he was resigned to humanity was going to destroy themselves, he was detached emotionally, just sort of watching the proceedings with a professional interest.

He also said that deep down, there was that small part well hidden hoped humanity pulled one out of their ass and proved him wrong.

He is dead and gone, but that same small feeble spark burns deep in my soul with the hope, however furlong and many times proved wrong, that humanity will pull one out of their asses and prove me wrong in my thoughts of the impending doom of the “human” race.

If “humanity” is to survive, they must lay aside their false “god” complex, accept their smallness in the Universal plan, humble themselves before god, embrace nature.

Otherwise a new species of meat sandwich will be planted on this rock which will dig up the bones of the present species and wonder what the hell they were and how they killed themselves off.

And the sheep souls?
Back to four legged sheep.
Cowardly, fearful, heads down herd animals used as a food source.

The Ole Dog!

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