ISRAHELL Blackmails European Governments to Help to HIDE WAR CRIMES PROBE

A lack of moral authority has never stopped Israeli leaders from accusing others of the same.

A lack of moral authority has never stopped Israeli leaders from accusing others of the same.

And so Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin, has been deployed to Europe, where he is attempting to make the case that the International Criminal Court’s investigation of suspected war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza “is morally and legally bankrupt.”

Similarly, moral and logical inconsistency didn’t stop Michal Cotler-Wunsh, an Israeli lawmaker who sought to condition the transfer of COVID-19 vaccine doses to Gaza on Hamas concessions, from accusing the ICC of “politicization.”
Cotler-Wunsh invoked a discredited definition of anti-Semitism pushed by lobby groups seeking to muffle criticism of Israel, saying the court is singling out and applying double standards “against the Jewish state.”

Never mind that the ICC will examine alleged war crimes perpetrated by Palestinian armed groups, as the court’s chief prosecutor made clear upon the conclusion of her five-year preliminary probe in late 2019.

An entirely possible outcome of an ICC investigation is that the court only indicts individuals in Palestinian armed groups.

The ICC defers to a country’s internal investigations, where they exist, under the principle of complementarity which holds that “states have the first responsibility and right to prosecute international crimes.”

Israel has a self-investigation system – albeit one described by B’Tselem, a leading human rights group in the country, as a whitewashing mechanism that insulates the military and political leadership from accountability.

The ICC chief prosecutor stated in late 2019 that her office’s assessment “of the scope and genuineness” of Israel’s domestic proceedings “remains ongoing at this stage.”

She had, however, “concluded that the potential cases concerning crimes allegedly committed by members of Hamas and PAGs [Palestinian armed groups] would currently be admissible.”

But Israeli officials haven’t let facts or sober analysis get in the way of their knee-jerk reaction against the court.

And speaking of inconvenient facts, Cotler-Wunsh’s father is Irwin Cotler, the Israel lobbyist tapped by Justin Trudeau to suppress the Palestine solidarity movement in Canada.

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