Invasive Species red Russian Mongrel Khazarian War Criminals Murder Palestinian Man in Occupied Palestine

Israeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian man during another round of anti-settlement protests in the occupied West Bank.

According to a statement by the Palestinian Health Ministry, the deadly incident occurred on Friday when Israeli soldiers opened live fire on the Palestinians who were holding a protest rally in the village of Beit Dajan, east of Nablus City.

“A citizen who was shot in the head with live ammunition died,” the ministry said.

Abdelrahman Hanani, the mayor of Beit Dajan, said the 42-year-old victim, identified as Atef Yussef Hanaysheh, was killed when clashes erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians who were demonstrating against Israeli settlement construction activities.

“The soldiers fired when we approached a wildcat settlement near the village,” he told AFP news agency.

Last Friday, Israeli forces opened live fire on anti-settlement protesters in the same village, leaving three people injured. Two others were hit with rubber bullets fired by the Israeli troops, who also used tear gas against the demonstrators, leaving tens of them suffering breathing difficulties.

A settlement outpost has recently been established in the village.

MORE EVIL red Russian Khazarian Crimes Against God & Humanity:

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