What was once the end has come around again-
Humanity can not leave behind their original “sin”-

It is not the drinking, doping, or raging hormones at a young age-
Which will be the final mark on humanities existence closing page-

But Humanities love of evil, oppressing their fellow women & men-
Never allowing God’s true words to stand, but always to bend-

The Truth, the wisdom, the understanding, the knowledge to their own perverted ends to use-
Going full blast pissing in the face of the One True Creator God to abuse-

God’s name being near to their mouths but oh so far from their soul-
Their god being lust, perversions, self-serving power and gold-

Rome stood on the brink praying for salvation, God sent a being to save them-
But the sheep helped the evil Roman elites murder him-

Judea was on it’s way out’ going-going and gone, they cried for someone to make them free-
Then helped the Evil of Rome nail the Root of David to a tree-

The prayers of Americans are reaching for the sky, the sun & moon-
The smarter ones see the writing on the wall of it’s doom-

As Rome on the Potomac teeters, ready to do the great fall-
The Human sheep refuse to ask forgiveness of their self imposed ignorance at all-

The original sin of ignorance is one Humanity holds very dear & Loves-
They like to use Simi-auto shotguns & anti-aircraft guns to hunt white doves-

After so many wasted pissed off lives on this school house rock Humanities flag to furl-
Ignorance they still hold more dear than anything else in this or any other world-

The Ole Dog!

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