What You Don’t Know Will Kill You!

A few facts:

  • Civid-19 has not been proven to exist and even if it did, the masks would not prevent the spread of it.
  • Any talk of the death rate had to be irrelevant because the alleged disease had never been isolated, therefore never identified, therefore making it impossible to tabulate any death toll.
  • Thus it is impossible to create an effective vaccine to prevent it.
  • An avalanche of fatalities from the untested, experimental mRNA injection has began killing people in the most macabre and tragic ways.
  • Those who watch television are more likely to get the fatal shot.
  • Kids are not in danger from this glorified flu, but are being severely damaged psychologically and socially by the unending isolation from their friends.
  • Honest doctors don’t own their own vaccine companies.
  • Vaccine passports are being issued for a disease that can’t be proven to exist.
  • COVID-19 is actually a show designed for our benefit to distract us from the horrifying fact that our freedom is gone.

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