‘This was a lawsuit from Israel against all activists’: former Israhell Invasive Khazarian Terrorist “solider” loses defamation case over Facebook post

A former Israeli solider who launched a defamation lawsuit against a Palestinian activist over a Facebook post, has lost her case in California. Rebecca Rumshiskaya moved to Israel from Massachusetts in 2012 and became an instructor with the IDF. In 2018, Palestinian-American activist Suhair Nafal made a Facebook post that included a photo of Rumshiskaya. […]

The Ratschild’s Non Semitic red Russian Khazarian Pedo Invaders Violence Against Occupied Semitic Indigenous Palestinians Reaches Intolerable Levels

Much is said in the international media about the Palestinian issue, but the internal ethnic crisis in Israel is ignored. Levels of violence against Arabs in Israeli territory have increased exponentially and this has led to the revolt of several social leaders in these Arab communities. The Israeli authorities justify their violence on the basis […]