Leader of Israhell’s Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Bloodsucking Labour Party says she ONLY wears black so her looks won’t distract from her political message

Ok! I admit it. My first though was hasn’t this zionist zombie virus host bitc# looked in a mirror lately. But then I remembered my blood sucker’s lore. Blood suckers can not see themselves in mirrors. What they are seeing is an illusion for the zionist Zombie Virus host to see. So when this haggered […]

The Truth Behind Those Rumors That James Hewitt Is Secretly Prince Harry’s Dad Okay, but for real, they are IDENTICAL.

This is Prince Harry, AKA Henry Charles Albert David, fifth in line to the British royal throne, and youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana: But due to the fact that people love themselves a conspiracy theory, Harry’s paternity has been called into question over the years by people who believe that his real […]

Only 18% of Americans Support Defunding Police

“Only 18% of respondents supported the movement known as ‘defund the police,’ and 58% said they opposed it. Though white Americans (67%) and Republicans (84%) were much more likely to oppose the movement, only 28% of Black Americans and 34% of Democrats were in favor of it,” the pollsters found. “And the responses were even […]

In Embarrassing Dementia Moment, Biden Forgets which little girls he has groped, What Pentagon’s Called, Blanks On Secretary Of Defense Name

After bumbling through a public appearance last week – at one point mumbling “What am I doing here?” while forgetting the names of key Democrats, the President of the United States on Monday couldn’t remember the name of the Pentagon, or his own Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin – who spoke minutes before Biden took […]

‘Concerns about how dark his skin might be’ Gold Digger bimbo Meghan drops racism bombshell on why UK FAKE “royals” didn’t want her son to be a FAKE “prince”

Lets see! Edward the 4th & Richard the 3ed were both BASTARDS, not sire by Royal Fathers, but any commander with a hard pultruding member their slut mother could find when her Royal husband was away. This means each and every “Monarch, ever English king, queen, prince since then are commonor FAKES. No Chin Charlie […]

‘This is what generals look like’: Hands Biden promotes female commanders & creates Gender Policy Council to mark women’s day

US President Joe [Hands] Biden marked International Women’s Day by announcing that two female generals will [give head & be groped, but he really meant promoted] head US military commands and establishing a White House Gender Policy Council to promote ‘equity.’ Biden announced on Monday the nominations of US Air Force General Jacqueline Van Ovost […]