World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for Spewing Bull $#it Propaganda Covid-19 lockdowns ‘improved cities all over the world’

FILE PHOTO: Founder and Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab speaks during a session at the 50th World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. © Reuters / Denis Balibouse

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‘World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for Spewing Bull $#it Propaganda Covid-19 lockdowns ‘improved cities all over the world’’

The World Economic Forum, globalist champion of the Great Reset, has ruffled feathers online with an “out-of-touch” tweet how Covid-19 lockdowns are “quietly improving cities” across the globe.
A video accompanying the Friday tweet by the WEF shows images of deserted streets, grounded airliners and idle factories, then notes record declines in air pollution and a drop in carbon emissions. It later shows busy, smog-choked highways and notes that “the drop won’t slow climate change unless we lock in emissions cuts.”

Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world. 📕 Read more:

— World Economic Forum (@wef) February 26, 2021
The tone-deaf tweet – coming amid millions of Covid-19 deaths and countless lives and businesses being destroyed by lockdowns – was quickly ratioed by Twitter users. The WEF’s comments and linked article about the historic quietness brought on by lockdowns leading to better detection of small earthquakes were lost on most observers, who focused instead on the group’s apparent affection for a dystopian, depopulated world.

Podcast host Dave Rubin made the WEF’s tweet an answer to a question: “Siri, does evil really exist, and if so, can you show me in video form?”

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UK professional wrestler Jemma Palmer pointed out the video’s anti-human tone. “So humans having a life is bad for the planet, but not having a life is bad for humans,” she said. “I’m all for doing less to the planet, but not at the expense of not living.”

UK radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer called the WEF’s messaging “genuinely scary” and said it suggested that “human beings are the problem.” She added, “The WEF are absolutely stark staring insane if they think lockdowns are ‘quietly improving’ our cities.” Historian Roger Moorhouse chalked the post up to “anthropophobia” – fear of humans.

Canadian taxpayer-advocacy activist Kris Sims said the WEF is “reveling in a year’s worth of human misery. This open misanthropy is very illuminating if nothing else. My planet includes happy, busy, healthy, prosperous humans.” Irish author Melanie Murphy agreed, saying, “Yeah, it was so quiet I could actually hear all the devastation. Nothing to celebrate about a beehive without any bees.”

The WEF became a lightning rod for controversy in the past year as the elitist group’s founder, Klaus Schwab, seized on the Covid-19 pandemic as a “narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world.” Schwab advocates a “reset of our economic and social foundations,” which would involve more globalized governments, building greener infrastructure and reforming capitalism in pursuit of more “equitable outcomes.”

Politicians dismissed concerns over the Great Reset, and the New York Times called it a “baseless conspiracy theory.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among the politicians who called the Great Reset a “conspiracy theory,” after he was shown on video speaking of the pandemic as an opportunity to accelerate a “reset” of economic systems.


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