As the Occupied Republic of Texas Titanic goes down with women and children, Ship’s Officer Cruz has taken the first lifeboat for himself, his luggage including spare life vest and plenty of blankets to keep his champaign from freezing., leaving the Texas’s Titanic’s passengers to drown in freezing sea.

I was amazed to see “Texas” Republiphile Party Cheerleaders defending Captain Cruz.

I recall when the Costa Concordia disaster happened, a ship run aground and sinking because the Captain was dallying with a blond bimbo.

When passengers where drowning, the “captain” got on a lifeboat and had to be ordered under the strictest language by the responding Coast Guard to get his “captain’s” a$$ back on his ship, because he was the F##King “Captain”!

If Texas folks have no more moral compass than to defend the Captain or Officer of a sinking ship for getting his a$$ off before women and children he left to freeze to death, Texas is not worth saving.

I been thinking of South America someplace myself.

The Ole Dog!

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