What does freedom mean?
Ask a bunch of different people and you will get a bunch of different answers.
depends on who you ask, their level of reality education, not “government” “schooling”.

The more enlightened one becomes, the more one understands of true meanings of words, the more careful they are how they use them.

Take the examples above, “government” and “schooling”.
That is because one tries to tell the truth, but knows the words one used will be misunderstood by the vast majority of folks reading them.

I know, and can back it up with facts, USA is a for profit sub corporation of the red Russian Ratschild run “British” Empire.
Every “state”, “county or perish” “government” is a sub corporation for profit [AMERICANS ARE THE CATTLE] of the USA Empire which farms their American cattle for profit, slaughtering therm in war after war for profit and more power for the Ratschilds, who operate DC through bribes & blackmail.

So I use “XXX” to note I have a different understanding of that word than the sheep.
An intelligent educated enlightened to one degree or the other man understands what I am really saying in a language the sheep do not understand, because they are ignorant & indoctrinated with USA Grade A Unadulterated Bull $#it.

Stupidity comes from stupid people doing the horizontal bob when that egg is fertile.

Ignorance is self imposed, a sin against God as well as a sin against ones self, therefore a sin against humanity as humanity are all part of one.
Hurt someone else, you hurt yourself.

Schooling is being able to not think independently, do group think, prove you are able to swallow that USA Grade A Unadulterated Bull $#it, and regurgitate it upon demand either orally or in written form, at least for the short term.

This proves you are a good sheep slave which will never question the rattle of the chains holding them in slavery they were taught in “school” were the badge of “freedom”.

That said, I will turn to the subject at hand.


William Wallace understood freedom, and paid the price for exercising his God Given or Granted Freedom.

Not trying to start a family squabble but Edward 1st is a direct ancestor, the Bruce a 2nd or 3ed cousin, and my 3ed great grandmother Carleton who immigrated to Virginia in 1770 was a Wallage who could read and write well from the Cumberland Scotts border where there was a close associating between that family of Wallaces and the Carletons.

He knew he had a right to freedom, he knew he owed nothing to Edward, grabbed his sword and lived free until betrayed by rich elites.

Notice a pattern there.

Alexander the Great tried to make his people greater, more learned, more advanced culturally than his rich elites wanted to go, so they murdered him.

Julis Caesar tried to save the Republic from the greed of the Roman Rich elites, by forcing them to not stick their fangs so deeply into the life blood of the people of Rome, to take care of old or disabled former Legionnaires begging on the streets of Rome.
So the rich elites murdered his, sunk their fangs all the way in, destroyed first the Republic, then Rome.

Jesus the Christ was trying to get what was left of the Hebrew people, Judea and a few groups left from the defunct kingdom of biblical Israel, to stop stealing the widow’s home with usury, stop raping the little orphans up the keister, return to the God of their Fathers in the time of Kings David & Solomon, stop their Babylonian black magic end of times cult religion ways.
He was also trying to unite them so as to force the Romans out of Judea.
So the Rich Elite’s who’s special privilege he was threatening helped the Romans murder him, and shortly ceased to exist as a people.

I could make a long list of the men sent from God to help the American people who the American people killed themselves or just stood aside drooling as the blood suckers from DC murdered them.

But Freedom is the Subject at hand.

Freedom is not some right to run amuck.
Freedom can not long live in a group of people, a nation, a country, a State, who’s people have no Honor.
Because Freedom Simply WILL NOT WORK with out an Honorable People.

Therefore although a people may be handed their freedom as was done by a handful of men compared to the general population of American during the American Revolution against Britain, they most likely will trade it off for a cold six pack and a half hour with a warm necked body first change they get.
And Americans did!

The average American had not the honor, the people pouring into Americas after the first comers had made it safe to land, did not bring honor with them for the most part, and did not find it a common enough trait in Americans manhood to emulate.
So Americans pissed off that freedom!
Easy come, easy go!

I believe if you could talk to the Revolutionaries, a good chunk of them looking at Americas today would say the war should not have been fought.
To trade such brave young mens blood and futures for this Communistic pig Stye!

Thomas Paine who’s encouragement was so valuable and encouraging at a time when the Army was hanging by their teeth, freezing, said: “God knows how to price such dear objects as freedom & liberty. If it were to be priced too cheaply, then men would not guard it so jealously”.

William Wallace Knew if he wanted his freedom, he had to fight for it.
He had to do his Duty to his people, and it cost him his life.

Although Edward had him killed in great pain, dismembered his body, Edward never took William’s true freedom, the owning of ones own soul, beholden to none but the One True Creator God alone.

Had a discussion with a CIA man once trying to get me to play their rain deer games, tell me if Jesus the Christ had changed his approach a bit, he might have won!

I told him Jesus the Christ did win!
He did not understand?
I explained, Jesus the Christ won because he did not kneel down, he did not back up, he did not compromise.
Yes they killed him, he died in great pain, but he won.
Spiritual growth was his, and disappearing as a people was the lot of the Hebrews which helped murder him.

With freedom, comes a responsibility to protect that freedom.
The last American soldiers who died for Americans freedoms were the Confederate soldiers.

The rest of the wars were USA Empire wars started with either outright lies, yellow journalism, false;se flags, or provoking an attack so USA could play the victim.

If not kept being stoped by the USA (DC), General Patton would have ended the war in Europe no later than September 1944.
All the en, both side, civilians in the millions, would not have died.

There would have been no Cold War.
No Korean War.
No Viet nam War.

Those wars were not about American’s freedoms, they were about power and $$$$$$$.

With freedom you see a piece off trash laying there, pick it up and dispose of it.
You see someone hungry, you feed them, you see children being raped, You damn well do as Jesus the Christ said and save your children from baby rapers!


You see the widows fence dow, you repair it for her.
You see injustice, you stand up and speak up or else your freedom will be as fleeting as the affections of a street walker once the fee has been paid.

There is no freedom without sacrifice of self, self lust, self desires.
If their children are not safe from you, how can your children be safe from them?

Your door can not stay unlocked and yet your family secure, if you are walking into others unlocked doors, robbing, raping, murdering.

Freedom is: “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”
1 Corinthians 13:11 KJV.

Freedom is growing Up!

Look inward for the chance to build a better world, a better America where freedom can not only survive, but thrive!

The Ole dog!

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