First some splaining of the splain spelling.
I am an ole fart.
I remember the I Love Lucy show when it was still on as a current show.
Every time she would pull a big one her Cuban born husband, show and real life, would bow up and say loudly:

Ok, moving on.
The red Russian Non Semitic Mongolian Mongrel Outcast Reject Khazarian Rat member of the Dark Ages Babylonian End of Times Pedophile’s Death Cult Occuping Palestine while Holocausting the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian people in the Semitic indigenous Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land, is the gentuza imp of the dark side which runs WASHINGTON DC/USA.
From top to bottom.
Both wings of the same pedophilic carrion slurping bird.

America is the Home of the Ratschilds Goy Slave Plantation.
And the land of the very uninformed but very indoctrinated ball-less American Sheeple Slave.

Now, the Trickster Trumpster and Hands biden are both owned pie hole, ass hole and elbow by the head Ratschild above.
Blackmail & bribery is a very powerful political tool.

The ole carrot and stick approach.
Give continuing bribes as a carrot to serve the Ratschilds, and the stick (blackmail/assassination, Political, socially, legally, or physically) to take care of any who do not do exactly as told to. or who keep screwing up, like maybe telling the truth!

Thus, either “candidate” which was seated in the Monica Full Service Chair in the Entertainment Oval Office in the big white Cat house located in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, was going to f##k you up the a$$ until you were raw, bleeding or dead.

It is just depending on your entertainment taste, you either enjoy the getting f##ked up the a$$ because you voted for that Ratschild Hand puppet, or consider it Rape as the same thing done by the “candidate” you did not “vote” for.

Every damn thing which comes out of DC or their occupation Corporations masquerading as “State Governments”, is entertainment for the indoctrinated, dumbed down American Sheeple.
To keep your attention while they insert a Big Red White and Blood Pedophilic Dick up your sheeple bung hole of you and you children.

Now to the “Impeachment”.
This like every other pretend thing coming out of DC is a Soap Opera.
A bad one where the children actually get raped/killed by pedophilic dark side Ratschild’s Imps of Hell, real wars are started where real children get blown up by the soap opera, in their beds, schools, homes, hospitals, churches, school buses, funerals and even just damn well tending their goats or crops.

A congressional, presidential, governors election is like when a regular who played a certain part on your favorite soap got fired, sick or quit, a bodiless voice would say at the beginning of that day’s show, “The part of so and so is now being played by this or that.
Then the show would go on as if the actor in the show had been there forever.

As the Street vendors in the Far East used to tell me when trying to sell me some Chinese knock off of a big name brand product.
“SEE!!!!, SAME-SAME!!!!”

Ay fool can read the constitution, and if they have common sense know the impeachment clause is for sitting government whores, not retired government whores.

The constitution is like the Church of Rome’s cobbled together from many different letters, histories written down a hundred, two hundred years after the fact, many which contradicted each other, rewritten until the little boy raping priest got it the way they wanted it at last “bible”.

If a good honorable person goes to the Bible looking for God, ways to be a better soul, a better human being, to build a better world, they will find what they are looking for and do good.

If a evil ass hole goes to the Bible looking for reasons or justification to rape, rob, enslave, murder, make God’s earth a shit hole, bash little babies brains out against rocks, that evil person will find the justification to do evil, then go do that evil in the name of God.

Same with the constitution.
An Honorable God loving Human, going to the constitution to find reasons to defend humanity from dark side evil f##ks like the USA and the Ratschilds which own & operate DC/USA, (which is an occupying corporation and not a governmnet by the way) will find the words which tell him or her God wants them to give freedom to folks, take care of the sick, the orphan, to build a better America, will find those words in the constitution.

Unhonorable butt wipes like the ones holding forth in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, will find the words “authorizing” them to steal the widows last cent and home, sell the orphan to pedophiles, sell America/Americans out to the pedophilic red Russian Ratschilds, they will find that authorization in the same words the good folks find a call for serving God by helping folks.

The impeachment clause was never meant to cover a former sitting government minion.

But the show must go on!!!
The sheeple must be distracted until they have no freedom left, no money, no home, no pride, no soul.

This “impeachment means nothing.
It is just a C-grade losing ratings ever faster like a snowball rolling downhill towards the gates of hell soap opera.
The actors will pimp their and Americans asses for all their are worth to keep their teeth sunk into the “public” teat.

Just turn that one eyed monster off, if you have the misfortune to come into a cafe / restaurant where one of the Public Teat pricks are eating, and they try to seat you in the same room with one of the pigs, tell the waiter something smells like pig shit, and please seat you in another part of the place.

Next time they want to pretend to have an election and want you to play pretend rain deer games with them, be like my first ex wife and pretend to have a headache.

The Ole Dog!

Told you!
The show MUST GO ON!

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