Why History’s Ends Do Not Seem To Match Up.

I do not believe a true history of this rock, “humanity”, those who did what before and after they traded in more legs for two legged animal status., exist on this rock.
It is my belief all “secret” societies teachings have been time after time monkeyed with to benefit whoever was on top of the heap at the time.

That said, if one begs God for knowledge, understanding & wisdom it will come.
At least as much as one needs to know to fulfill their duty to God.
Their destiny for this life in this dimension.

Met a lady.

Talked with her a few minuets after a lecture.
She said the key holes in the walls at the vatican do not line up on the constellations, they have made 1100 years of history disappear.
I have found ends of history which did not see to fit the conventional the world works this way and timeline.

On a Youtube video about strange discoveries, they told where in Eastern Europe i think, with no rivers to explain it, not even the two very old dried up rivers which historians and geologist knew had been there long, long ago would explain where the. ships were found.
Strip mining coal, they came upon a whole fleet of Roman ships in 6,000 year old strata.
Said almost as if someone had buried them there to mess with folks as a prank, but that was impossible.

Read a couple or three books by atheist who do not believe in a Creator God, from which i gleamed things they missed as they spiritually do not believe in God, so their mind does not look at their own finding with the same mind of one who knows That in some form, that God exist and is Female.
Males can kill, but not give live.
Males can nurture living things, protect living things, but males can not give life.
No one but God can appoint the time of death.
And when God calls a soul home, not even the Sons of God can stay God’s hand in that.

I am not real hung up on what one calls the source of all energy/light/life.
Don’t care for organized religion, I view organized religion the way I do group orgies.
Not for me, but to each their own.

The sheep need their shepherds.
Their Shepards should be there for the right reason and the sheep should be brought up to reality.

Wars can not be stoped until the sheep take responsibility for their own lives.
True warriors do not start wars, the sheep start wars by their lack of standing up against them.
A true warrior tries to stop the war as soon as possible, with the least loss of life.
Sometimes that means killing the hell out of some folks to save lives on both sides.
Historians are sheep who try to write about why wolves do what they do.
The honest ones.
The dishonest ones rewrite history to help herd the sheep through the slaughterhouse doors.

A people elect the leaders who reflect their values.

The above book is done by an atheist.
He said they rewrote history because he identified in certain cases, wars, generals, kings and such who where several different people in the history books, but one being.

He does not believe in a higher power so he never considered the same being living in several dimensions at the same time.
One list he gives starts with, Achilles and list 8 more people/times in history/wars he says are the same with names and small events changed.
This list starts with a being Who throws lightning.

Thor would be on this list also if a valid history of that dimension were available.

Lighting is high energy, a sorcerer can manipulate energy half way around the world and touch someone.

Recall the Roman Lightning bolts grasped by the Eagle’s claws, the Nazi SS insignia.

They have tied the ends together to try to make a history of one world, one dimension, straight line.

Those Roman ships were in 6,000 year old strata because Rome was going on 6,000 years ago, 2,000 years ago, and probably right now.
I think when the present become the distant past, the trash from the different dimensions is no longer kept separated by dimensions.
Thats why you find Roman ships buried in 6,000 year old stratus when Rome was supposed to have happened 2,000 years back.
Modern human skeletons in million year old strata.

There is no time.
There is the past, there is the present, and there is the future which becomes the present as I type.
Time is something “humans” made up to make sense of their lives.

This rock is a school, the same classes are taught again and again, with slight changes to the lesson plans.

When one class graduates, another class takes its place, elects or is appointed new class leaders.
I do not think Lucifer (forget the biblical Lucifer), is a single being but a position in a class.
When that Lucifer graduates, the class graduates or gets kicked back to cock roach status, them another class comes, another “Bringer of the Light” is the Field Commander for his Area of Operation, which is this rock.

Another book written by another atheist with some good research but again, as he is not spiritual, he looks only at this rock and the physical world.
But one who understands, can get things from it the man worked his ass off researching and writing the book did not.

Everything in the Bible is flipped so I would not be surprised if the inheritance (blessing) should go to the youngest child, not the oldest, nor would I be surprised if Able really was the murderer and killed Cain.

The devil which is in each being is shown as the same as Satan or Lucifer .
Satan and lLucifer are the same being, of course Jesus the Christ, King David, and Lucifer were all the same being, although I do think Lucifer is a position, not an individual or for ever being.

Revelation 22:16
King James Version
“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

I Jesus the Christ an descended from King David, and the bright and Morning star.
The last part can be interpreted Jesus the Christ was either Lucifer himself, (not the biblical fictional Lucifer), or descended from Lucifer.

Back to the book written by an atheist.
He identified 9 people, say 9 dimensions, but there are 12 for the sheep and seems to be a 13th for other than sheep.

Years back I was following a trail back on my geology when I think I found a place dimensions were tied together.
Someone had noted, a genealogist who knew his stuff, that this Hebrew princess was born at least a thousand years before the Irish prince or king, I forget man they had her married to and having a family with.

Don’t have all the answers, just a good enough vague idea to read history and reality a bit better than those looking at one timeline and wondering why things don’t work.

The war which is being waged was being waged before humanity, before this rock existed, and will probably still be going on when “humanity” has made themselves extinct, which I don’t want to see happen, but I have very little faith left in these two legged strikers for “humanity” status.

If something is not done, they will disappear down the hole of soul-less mindless slavery, but every time one is sent too help them, they run after the jackals promising and “easy path to heaven”, and help the jackals kill those sent to help them.
Like a loved child which is self destructive, it brings sadness to see one drag their ass down to an uthonorable. unproductive death, but a soul, a people will be what they want to be regardless of who bitches how much at them, pleads, prays for them.
This rock is a school.
Perhaps “humanity” must fail to learn their lesson so next time they are given an opportunity to become advanced spiritual beings in a few million earth years, they will have learned their lesson and not fuck it up so easily and sell their asses so cheaply.
I hope they pull a rabbit out of their hat, but they seem to be waiting till they see the road ending before deciding their car needs brakes.

Time will tell I suppose.

The Ole Dog!

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