Political ‘personality cults’ are bad for democracy and rule of law, Pope says, citing events of 2020

“Political ‘personality cults’ are bad for democracy and rule of law, Pope says, citing events of 2020”

HEH HEH! Thats what Vercingetorix said after Julis Caesar marched him through Rome in Chains, then out of sight of the crowd, had him choked to death.

In turn thats what Julis Caesar said when the cowardly “elite” (Rich Evil Inbred Sons of Cock Sucking & Cum Swallowing Bitches) of Rome made sure he was unarmed before a gang of scared pussy monkeys ganged up on him to stab him in the back forty something times, to death.

Rome has always has had a way of dealing with “personality cults”

Around 33 BC there was this Revolutionary Hebrew wanted the evil of Rome out of Judea, but he also wanted the Hebrews to stop that Babylonian Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult worship, return to the God of the Time of their fathers Kings David & Solomon.

Rome knew how to handle the “personality cult” of Jesus the Christ.
Rome nailed his ass to a tree for trying to start a revolution (Sedation) to kick Rome out of Judea, then wrote him in as the hero & “Savior” in the cult spin off of the evil cult he was fighting.

The Church of Rome Hunted down all Christians passing on Jesus the Christ true teachings, slaughtered them, made slaves of them, burned them alive, boiled them in oil, raped them, mass murdered them until the ones left went underground while externally seeming to embrace Romes Angry God Who Loves You But Will Send You to HELL TO BURN FOREVER AND EVER IF YOU DO NOT DO EXACTLY AS THE VATICAN SAYS, AND OH YES, SEND YOUR COINS Complex.

Rome is the Only “personality cult” allowed by the Rome Personality Cult of the Vatican.

In the late 1100s- to mid to late 1200s in Southern France, there lived a peaceful people who were much more advanced than the dark ages Vatican and the dark ages countries they held for ransom to the Vatican.
But they Just would not believe the way the Vatican said to or send their coin to Rome, so Pope “innocent” the 3ed pulled off the first recorded Genocide in the History of Europe.
Rome had slaughtered men women and child, close to a million humans most burned alive for not kissing the ass of Rome’s Vatican Personaity Cult.

Course the Vatican had to take their wealth and lands, the former owners abounding their property as they did suddenly and permeant like for some reason.


Got that sparky, or does the Vatican need to boil your ass in oil, or skin you alive, or burn you alive, or break all your bones on the rack, of stick a red hot poker up your ass, or burn your eyes out.
You know, gentle conversion technics employed by the Popes who Talked to God, but obviously did not listen to God.

If the Popes had been listening to God they would have stopped burning more intelligent folks than themselves alive because they said things which contradicted accepted “church doctrine”.
Things like “the world is not flat!”

Sounds like the Pope has decided his pedophile priest blessing ass IS GOD!

The Ole Dog!


Pope Francis condemned political cults of personality and said mature democracies must ensure the rule of law prevails over political interests, in what was widely interpreted as a condemnation of populism.
“The development of a democratic consciousness demands that emphasis on individual personalities be overcome and that respect for the rule of law prevail,” the head of the Roman Catholic Church said on Monday, in an annual speech to ambassadors accredited to the Vatican.

“Indeed, law is the indispensable prerequisite for the exercise of all power and must be guaranteed by the responsible governing bodies, regardless of dominant political interests,” he said, according to Reuters.

Events over the past year “in countries with a long democratic tradition” have shown that democracy demands “inclusive, peaceful, constructive and respectful dialogue among all the components of civil society in every city and nation,” he also said.

The pope’s remarks were quickly and widely interpreted as a condemnation of former US President Donald Trump and populism in general.


2 thoughts on “Political ‘personality cults’ are bad for democracy and rule of law, Pope says, citing events of 2020

  1. Lewie Paine says:

    Albigensian Crusade


    The Albigensian Crusade had a role in the creation and institutionalization of both the Dominican Order and the Medieval Inquisition.

    • John Carleton says:

      Of not common knowledge is King Richard the lionhearted was basically a Cather although by necessity as King of England and large parts of France he was a member of the Roman Catholic Church.
      Richard did a “Holy Crusade” to Palestine for the VATICAN.
      He had killed thousands for Arabs for the Church.
      He and the Islamic leader came to know each other, respect each other, even to becoming friends.
      Both of them sick of the killing hammered out a solution where his brother would marry Richards sister, jointly they would rule Jerusalem so any who wishes to come worship could do sod peacefully.
      The Vatican rejected the deal because it did not give title to the Vatican.
      When Pope Innocent the 3ed, he of Cather genocide fame, became Pope he wanted Richard to do another “Crusade” to Palestine.
      Pope sent a minion named Fulk to tell Richard to be a good boy and go kill the evil Arab for “God”.
      Richard told em to stick it where the sun don’t shine so Pope “innocent” excommunicated Richard so when Richard was buried there were no little boy raping “priest” muttering meaningless Latin phrases as the dirt was thrown in his face.
      Richard lived and died like a man with his balls still attached.
      His Brother John the Poopless when excommunicated by the pope cried, kissed ass like the little bitch he was, gave the “pope” his (Johns) balls in a jar for safe keeping & atonement, and was buried ball-less with pedo priest muttering above his cowardly inapt ass as the crowd threw rotten tomatoes & rancid eggs on his coffin.

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